Are you a lover of all things anime? Would you like to spread the news of new anime coming out, or talk about anime currently airing? Perhaps you would like to take part in our anime editorials? We are looking for a handful of people to handle all of our anime needs. This would include things like news, editorials, and reviews.

Requirements: Authors must have good writing ability and comprehension of the English language. Authors will need to write at minimum two relevant news items per week, and one editorial per month. When you apply, please tell us a little about yourself and tell us why you would be a good writer for sushigokart!

DISCLAIMER: All positions are volunteer, non-paying positions. We make no promises of any compensation or incentives. All material made for sushigokart and used on the website becomes the property of sushigokart. Volunteers can be released at any time at the discretion of management.

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Want to write for us?

We at sushigokart are currently looking for a few talented and passionate bloggers to help with the development and progression of this site. If you fit the requirements (below), are interested  and feel up to the task please contact us. After receiving your application you will be sent an conformation email within 24 hours and after it has been reviewed you will be contacted as to whether you are accepted or not.


1. Frequency and Eloquence – You are expected to write at least once every two weeks, if you are able to more (or less) than the bare minimum please indicate so when you contact us. You also need to have a decent level of writing and the ability to put ideas together in an exciting yet sensible manner

2. A sample – When you contact us it is imperative that you include a sample post so that we can gauge what you are capable of in terms of  creativity, style and overall writing skills. This must be in standard english and if you are accepted as an author it will be used as your very first Post.

3. Your Desired Niche –  Also in your contact form please include the area you would like to specialize in, be it episode summaries, reviews, anime news, manga etc.. This is important as to ensure we don’t have too many people doing the same thing and that if someone has the ability to add something completely new to this website that it be modified in turn to suit those needs

4. Your Contact Info–  Please send to us both your email address where you wish to be contacted as well as your telephone number(optional). Although it is optional it would be great to have a little background on you as a person, where you live, favorite type of anime/manga.. etc

5. You are able to add your own flavor and be a part of something awesome >< .. without having to deal with buying a domain, getting a server, maintenance and all those other daunting tasks that come in the blogging world

6. Be a part of the team 🙂 you have no boss, no deadlines and can work at your own pace from anywhere.

That is all, once again thank you for your interest and i wish for your continued support !

Contact Information

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Welcome Back to the GoKart!


Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it my friends. I finally got my drive back. I could sit here and explain to you what happened to me, or why I decided to come back but that is beside the point. I am back for good. But I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear my tales of school, my addiction with Final Fantasy XIV or my girlfriend that keeps me preoccupied most of my free time. What I am going to do is outline the future of this blog and the tentative schedule of thing.
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A New Philosophy on Blogging

Btooom! Weekly Update - Episode 4

I’ve been getting burned out. With my education and social life colliding with one another, I can’t seem to find room on the tedium of episodic blogging. Yes I said it. Episodic blogging is becoming tedious for me. Every week I write a new post and I find myself saying the same things over and over again… After a few months, I begin to wonder what exactly is the point.

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An Update on Affairs!

Welcome to the Truth

Hello everyone! So a lot of you might be wondering why I haven’t posting for the past couple of weeks. The thing is that I just started my Masters degree and I’ve been getting things in order. After a few more days my schedule should drastically free up and I’ll be returning to my regular blogging schedule.In the next week we’re going to be writing final reviews on that shows that have been covered so far this season as well as putting together a season preview!

Hopefully we can get everything together before the Summer Season 2013 begins! As of right now what I am blogging is TBD, but look forward to around 4 or 5 shows. Also we’ll be hiring writers yet again so look forward to a post about that!