Accel World : Not Accelerating Fast Enough ( Episodes 1 – 12 )

Dear Sunrise,

I understand that you’re trying to recapture the magic of Code Geass Season 1. But stop, at this point you are just embarrassing yourself. Where Lelouch and his lackeys gave us a dynamic story with interesting characters and twist and turns that made me say ‘OMFG’ at the end of each episode, Haru and co. just have me scratching my head and saying ‘lolwut’.

Accel World is an anime trying too hard. Starting from the first episode we’re force fed Haru’s emotional drivel about loneliness and his exile from a normal social life. I applaud the series for casting such an atypical character in the role of the hero. It’s not everyday that we see some short and fat trying to save the world.

But it’s hard to identify with him or the rest of the cast for that matter. Everyone is painted in a black toxic angst that none of them can seem to get over. Sure there are moments where these characters do show some growth, dusting their closets of a few skeletons, but do they have to make a long, slightly repetitive monologue every time?

It throws the pacing completely off. Sometimes it makes you wonder if they’re actually just sitting for a spot of tea instead of being in the midst of battle. I don’t know why someone doesn’t just cunt punch Haru during one of his epiphanies.

And Black Lotus is no Lelouch. The son of Britannia would eat her nerd-loving ass for breakfast.

Okay I’m done.

But before I finish this letter to you Sunrise, I just want to say the anime isn’t without its redeeming qualities. The world is bright and vibrant and the character design is superb. But that’s to be expected from a studio of your caliber. Hopefully the second half of the season will pick up.

Sam Fury

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