Tari Tari First Impressions

This season’s most ‘unassuming’ show takes the stage…

Tari Tari sneaks into the Summer 2012 season as one of the only shows that neither adapts a light novel nor manga. I guess originality has become a bit of a luxury in a tight market. P.A. Works is putting a lot of faith into Masakazu Hashimoto, who makes his directorial debut. He has worked as an episode director before for some of my personal favorites such as Scrapped Princess and Fullmetal Alchemist but this will be his first time in the big seat.

It’s P.A Works. Enough said. From a technical standpoint they are one of the best in the business. Each background and character model is meticulously crafted and brought to life by an expert use of color and lighting.

The writing stands on its own merits as well. Tari Tari forgoes its slice-of-life brethrens penchant for drawn out dialogue in favor of short exchanges that feel much more believable. My eighth grade writing teacher would be proud that the first episode definitely favors a “show don’t tell” attitude.

A snappy script helps build the light hearted atmosphere. From what I could gleam, the story centers around Konatsu Miyamota, a senior in high school that has been demoted to a page turner for the pianist in the choir club for reasons unknown to the viewer. Outraged she secedes from the group and sets off to start her own. I’m hoping this will be what I’ve always dreamed of, an Eastern interpretation of Glee! I guess we’ll find out.

The first episode only suffers from slow pacing to give the cast some legs. The nature of some of the relationships aren’t quite clear but it’s only the first episode. Overall, Tari Tari looks like it could be some good fun. The initial outing is polished to a sheen and I hope that it hasn’t given us its best yet.

It’s P.A. Works… god damnit.

3 thoughts on “Tari Tari First Impressions

  1. Originally, I was going to skip this but I’m going to give this series a shot just because “The Good” has more paragraphs then “The Bad” and “The Ugly”.

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