Binbougami Ga! First Impressions

“A man endures misfortune without complaint. “ – Franz Schubert

Sunrise and Yoichi Fujita is back at it again to bring us the second coming of his masterful directorial debut, Binbougami Ga! Currently on My Anime List, his second season of Gintama is considered to be the best Anime of all time. That’s some pretty hefty shoes to fill. Does this show even hint at the greatness of the television classic?

Momiji is a God of Misfortune. It is her sacred duty to maintain the balance of luck in the universe whether or not she has a TV show to watch. Her current target is Ichiko Sakura, a wealthy girl that has never known to suffer in her life. She’s smart, athletic and most importantly, well endowed. In order to maintain the equilibrium, Momiji sets out drain Ichiko of her overwhelming fortune and turn her into a normal person.

The first episodes wastes no time to make a good joke. From the first scene they come in full force, forgoing boundaries of logic and decency. It’s great how some of writing just waives off innuendo in favor of just unadulterated dirtiness.

The bright palette reflects the color in the dialogue. While there is a lack of detail in the environments, the character design compensates with creativity. Momiji steals the show with her extensive closet of costumes. Ichiko does hold her own though considering her considerable ‘assets’.

Nothing glaringly stands out as bad. I’m thinking maybe I should put a bit more effort into having sections being greater than one sentence. Momiji could use some conditioner I suppose… Yeah her cowlicks annoy me to no end.

At first Ichiko is painted as a condescending bitch that takes advantage of the fact she is better than everyone else. As a viewer it’s difficult to identify with such a protagonist. Later on, some light is shed on Ichiko’s loneliness and how her only friend is her butler. I could hear the devil on my shoulder snicker, “You deserve it cunt”. Moments that were meant to be emotionally charged and bring some depth to the cocky lead instead fall flat. The reason this is so ugly is because I don’t think this show can every overcome this first impression. I will always be rooting against Ichiko and take pleasure in her displeasure. But can a show really be carried on its comedy alone when the other half of the content seems irrelevant. I guess time will tell for Binbougami Ga!

3 thoughts on “Binbougami Ga! First Impressions

  1. I love Schubert’s Piano Sonata No.16 in A minor. I just had to say that because of your opening quote.
    Anyways, is the comedy so great that it overcomes all other flaws that this series may entail?

  2. one thing i definitely loved about this show (yes, this is the one and ONLY currently airing series i will allow myself to watch) is the direction of the humor and the willingness to take that extra step to go from witty to absolutely hilarious. from the remarks, short engagements, comebacks and straight name-calling; Binbou easily shines through the mediocrity of recent comedy releases thus far.

    i find that Ichiko’s personality was ultimately molded around two things; getting the long-end of the stick (all the time) and the absence of her parents, or even being without real friends could be yet another reason. i also couldn’t stand her outlook and especially her appearance of a snotty, stuck-up brat with little to no respect towards any other human being. but to me, the fact that i hated her could very well have been intentional and because of that, the numerous scenes with Momiji and Ichiko pitted against each other becomes memorably worthwhile.

    just my two cents ^^

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