Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate First Impressions

Can I get a little mystery with that harem?

Based on the Visual Novel of the same name, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (or KoiChoco for short) follows Yuuki Oojima and his well-endowed band of bishoujos as they try and win the school elections. What’s their goal? To make sure that their precious Food Research Club survives, threatened that it might lose all it’s funding.

While the typical harem set up and its unnecessary penchant for breast references is all well and good, KoiChoco does stir in some originality.  The combo of slice of life, romance, and comedy is framed in the elements of a political thriller.  The series wants us to know that Student Council is serious business. People can die… Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but it does give what would otherwise be a humdrum show a dash of excitement.

P.A. Works honestly has me spoiled for what I expect from my slice of life series. The art and animation are passable but I expected more. Color palettes are simple, favoring solid hues for most of the artwork. There is a lack of nuance starting from the settings down to the expressions of the characters themselves.

The writing lacks subtlety as well. The opaque script forces its jokes and gags upon the viewer. Most of the time you already know the punch line and it isn’t funny once you’ve heard it in your head.

I can’t believe how utterly annoyed I was listening to the episode unfold. Most of the female cast is plagued with trying to sound ‘cute’. The entire spectrum of irritating voice work was laid to bear, from intensely nasal to frighteningly high pitched. At one point I felt provoked enough to turn the sound down and just read the subs. Maybe my ears are a bit too sensitive but they were clearly offended.

Poor voice work does not excuse poor characterization though. The students of the Food Research Club failed to show even a glimmer of depth. We’ve seen these tropes before time and time again.

KoiChoco was a mixed bag. Parts of the plot have me excited while the lackluster production was a buzz kill. But I will not deny there are threads for weaving a gripping story if the series plays its cards right.

2 thoughts on “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate First Impressions

  1. Lets just wait how they do slice of life with those mix genre fold. I don’t know about the game but I wish(i have low chance of it) that it won’t end up like other generic harem anime.
    I really like how they are doing with this one but sadly I won’t be expecting much from this show.

    • I agree with the above points but even if it does disappoint, this summer has show a lot of promise so far with high concept with Jinrui and just plain ol’ fun with Tari Tari. NatRendezvous looks like it will shape up to be a great romance. I read the 5 scanlated manga chapters and they were great. So all in all if we get 3 great shows from the season of sun then I’m a happy camper. Todays a big day for releases so lets see what happens.

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