Building the Sword Art Online Hype Machine

Building the Hype Machine is another take on my First Impression articles. Instead of just looking at my thoughts, we will dive into the twitterverse to see what other people think in just 140 characters. Of course I won’t skimp on my fans and I’ll give a bit of insight into what I think personally about the series after. So without further ado, lets build the hype machine for Sword Art Online.

@fullorev: OMG… Sword Art Online is looking to be another season best anime. Wow! #SAO #sao_anime

Not much competition I guess…

@bathnath: Sword Art Online <33333333333333333333333

Translation from Math: Sword Art Online is less than 33 sextillions… What the fuck?

@apeluliatliat: Sword Art Online ,eh ?


@HighSky: I am still curious about food and bathroom Dx #SAO

Even if you beat the game, you wake up emaciated in your own shit and piss. You’re better off dying.

@hirakunoshadow: #SAO looks better than #AccelWorld on paper, although I suspect it’s because the characters have a better reason to keep playing the game.

People playing Brain Burst in Accel World just have self esteem issues.

@hirakunoshadow: #SAO 1: Pretty much echoing what others said – surprisingly strong start, lets hope it wasn’t due to the lack of attractive female players.

I thought pretty girls make everything better… If I were going to die playing a video game I’d at least want to have some great VR sex before I went out. 

@Kaminomimemo:  Sword Art Online: This is the real reason why I don’t play MMORPGs #swordartonline :


@MagiaHomura: Oh god, everyone plays with their actual appearance. All those guys playing as girls. #SAO

That explains it… Can you imagine if your character was wearing a thong… #Wherestheballspace

@ShinigamiC: UUUUUuuuuuuuuund schauen wir mal gleich in Sword Art Online rein~

Translation: UUUUUuuuuuuuuund we’ll see the same in pure Sword ~ Art Online… Fuck you google translate. 

@ABCBTom: I think the easiest way to summarize Sword Art Online is “World of Gantzcraft”

But in Gantz you’re already dead… Hmmm. Poetic. 

Sword Art Online has an excellent first showing flaunting its breathtaking art, believable characters, and clever writing. While it wears it’s .hack influences on its sleeve, SAO finds its own unique flair. Series Creator Reki Kawahara has built a world that is so much more compelling than his other adapted light novel, Accel World. There is a sense of tension and danger that the latter lacks.  If you lose in Accel World, you can never play again. In SAO you die. The scarier one is obvious.

I’m ready to log back in next week.

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