Campione! First Impressions

Italy seems to be the vacationing spot of choice for Anime this season.

Campione! takes us back to the Boot  filled to the brim with beautiful women, magic and gods hell-bent on destroying the world. Enter Godou Kusanagi, an unassuming guy thrusted into becoming the champion of the human race. He alone can stand against the gods that wreak havoc upon this earth.  Well… mainly Italy for now.

It’s undeniable the summer is the advent of bright colors and vibrant lighting direction. The series’ take on Italy is swathed in blankets of bloom effect that give this show a distinct fairy tale atmosphere.

Character design is inspired for the most part, blending Victorian and Gothic forms. It gives a unique vibe to the whole production that supersedes its fragmented style with creativity.

Impressively, the high point for the production is the action sequences that are epic set piece moments. I can only hope that they scale these scenes across future episodes to avoid bloat and pacing issues. Sometimes Action/Adventure titles such has Campione! have a habit of turning what should be a simple skirmish into an all out war.

Sure the production is decent but Campione! is the spawn of a successful light novel so that doesn’t excuse it’s poor script. The narrative definitely suffers from drawn out dialogue that is meant to cover the expansive mythos of the series. The uneven flow of the first episode at times reminded me of an RPG Tutorial, and a very bad one at that. Characters flagrantly throw around terms yet eschew any sort of clarification of what they mean. If you’re going to waste precious screen time explaining things, don’t use terms that require more explaining.

While this Summer has had few surprises, Campione! is not going to be one of them. It’s shaping up to be another fantasy title with a cut and paste formula. Insert random dude and throw him into the clutches of destiny. Insert random tsundere bishoujo that will be his guide through all the madness. Insert a supporting cast of random well endowed females who all seem to be into random heroes. Insert a series of enemies that will challenge our random hero to become the man he should be and find love with his random tsundere bishoujo. I’m not saying this recipe sucks, but these staple tropes are quickly becoming tiresome.

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