Saturdays with Sushi: Verdant [@verdantrc]

Welcome to Saturdays with Sushi, a weekly special where I interview professionals from the Anime Community or Industry. Today we sit with one of my favorite writers Verdant from Random Curiosity. 

Sushi GoKart: Hey there Verdant!

Verdant: Yo. Long time no talk.

Sushi GoKart: Yeah man feels like ages. How are the kids?

Verdant: College.

Sushi GoKart: Must be nice having the house to yourself. Now for those that don’t know you could you give a slight introduction?

Verdant: I’m a writer at I’ve covered shows like Persona, Nisemonogatari, Mouretsu Pirates, and the latter half of Fate/Zero. This season, I’m covering Natsuyuki Rendezvous, and I’m also the host for RandomC’s podcast.

Sushi GoKart: Usually the summer season is considered the “worst” season. How do you feel so far about the shows you’ve watched?

Verdant: I’d say it’s not been that bad of a start, but many of the genres do seem not as varied as seasons past.

Sushi GoKart: Has anything really stood out to you?

Verdant: I haven’t seen all of Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi yet, but from what I have seen I like the art and the connection with history and poetry. It’s not often that we get a show like that, I think.  I’m excited for the return of Madoka in Rinne no Langrange. But other than that, I might have to give the rest of these shows more episodes before I really decide. It is a bit hard to stand out when so many shows are of similar genres. Harems, slice of life, and comedies seem to be the genres du jour.

Sushi GoKart: I think you might enjoy Jinrui Wa Sutai Shimashita… It has the Mawaru Penguindrum feel to it. Very creative and offbeat.

Verdant: I’ve never watched Mawaru Penguindrum since I’m boycotting gg.

Sushi GoKart: Anime over the last decade or so has been moving more toward adaptation, and even more recently light novel adaptation. Does it alarm you that the number of original concepts is dwindling in Anime?

Verdant: I’m not sure I’m exactly alarmed. It’s because, I’d say I understand why they’re doing adaptations? You’re guaranteed a fanbase and sales that way and you have a rich and consistent world to build upon. I do think that original shows have a lot of value. Though I don’t know that much about light novels,but I’m guessing that they still are confined to certain genres that people prefer to read about? So with original anime, it’s free from those kinds of restrictions. So not alarmed though I certainly miss having original series. It’s nice to have viewers completely in the dark about the way the show is going to progress

Sushi GoKart: As far blogging or writing goes, what do you feel has helped you grow as a writer?

Verdant: I think that just being forced to write week after week even if you don’t feel like it, or feel that there is a topic that immediately stands out to you, has been the best practice for becoming a better writer. Of course, feedback from people you trust helps a great deal as well since commenters don’t really give you actual feedback on how your writing is very often.

Sushi GoKart: I agree, but recently we have seen commenters give really acerbic statements on the AniBlog tourney. What are your thoughts on the tournament in general, and the heated finals?

Verdant: No comment? Hahaha.

Sushi GoKart: Moving onto a completely different topic, the big news this week has been the announcement of a new Sailor Moon for next summer? Any thoughts or feelings?

Verdant: I don’t know much about sailor moon, but it’s cool to see it get so much publicity

Sushi GoKart: Do you think anime is becoming more mainstream form of entertainment now?

Verdant: I think it is, but it still has quite a stigma to overcome.

Sushi GoKart: Have you had to deal with that stigma in your life? If you have, how?

Verdant: Yeah, it was with a girl, I dealt with it by hiding my fandom FOREVER.

Sushi GoKart: I was once in the same boat. What do you think her reaction would have been?

Verdant: Well, she saw that I had a wallpaper of Kenshin on my laptop. During this time I didn’t really watch anime anyway, but based on her reaction to just the wallpaper I don’t think her reaction would have been good if I did watch a lot of anime or whatnot.

Sushi GoKart: When did you start really watching anime And Why?

Verdant: Originally, my father introduced me. Then in high school I found out that my best friend and I were both closet anime watcher so we started watching stuff together. But then in college, I stopped watching until recently. When I was home for winter break and had all this time on my hands, my brother introduced me to anime that I had missed out on.

Sushi GoKart: Before we finish off is there anything you would like to add or say? And honestly we both know you have to say something here because its good interview form and polite.

Verdant: Thanks for having me on your fine blog, I really enjoyed our interview, and hopefully we’ll be able to have you on one of our podcasts sometime soon

Sushi GoKart: Thank you for your time and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you blog Natsuyuki Rendezvous this summer!

If you want to see more of Verdant, check out his writing at or follow his twitter @verdantrc. If there is anyone you would like to seen interview please let me know through the comments or an email!

One thought on “Saturdays with Sushi: Verdant [@verdantrc]

  1. trzr23, although he recently stepped out of the blogsphere a few months back. Archaeon or Scamp would be some good choices as well.

    now if you could get a VA, like say Rie Kugimiya, then i would worship you til the earth implodes xP

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