Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 2

Jinrui was Suitai Shimashita is quickly becoming a critical darling only after two episodes. Some are heralding it as the show of the season for its charming characters, dark humor, social commentary. A show that started of with little to no hype has become a social media darling in just a few short days.

@fang_meme: show of the season #jintai

This sounds familiar…

@aquagaze: Well, that was just… amazing. Seiji Kishi has finally found an anime that perfectly fits his inability to pick a mood. #Jintai

I feel like buck-shit crazy is a mood. It’s the mood my girlfriend is usually in.

@anyash: I’m… I’m not sure if mankind is ready for the pinnacle that is sentient skinned chickens running in slow motion to Ave Maria. #jintai

Question 1: What is it the pinnacle of?
Question 2: Wouldn’t you pick that over a robot apocalypse?

@vuc_: Mmm this chicken soup is delicious. Got an urge to watch #jinrui all of a sudden. #jintai

You know you got it bad when food can stir up the desire to watch Anime. Addiction at its finest moment.

@akirascuro: Things #Jintai has ruined for me: Google Translate, Ave Maria, Chicken Sandwiches

Well twitter has ruined google translate for me. The other two aren’t significant enough in my life to warrant any worry of being ruined. How often do you jam to Ave Maria on your iPod. Though I can see the concern. It could possibly ruin emotional moments in select films.

@anijakater: shall we dive? I cannot fly. #jintai

I saw this tweeted about 50 times. Props to my news feed for originality. 

@toastcrunch: Having a #jintai avatar on Facebook makes me feel more like posting depressing things casually on status updates.

Effective immediately, psychiatrist will begin using Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita as a form of therapy to deal with depression. 

@tbnaka: 人類は衰退しました2話。『おさらば』って芝居におさらば感がすごくて好き。局長の落ち方は様式美といって差し支えないな。完璧な間と芝居。まぁ! 版権ギリギリ! 全部FUCKじゃねぇか。なんかゼノギアスの人肉加工工場思い出した。ガクブルだったなぁ……。 #jintai

Google Translation: 2 story mankind has declined. Really likes to play say goodbye What a sense of “goodbye”. Fair to say I do not fall of the Director who is beauty and style. Between perfect and play. Well! Copyright barely! FUCK all some fucking. Meat processing plant reminded people of Xenogears softening. I was trembling …….. # jintai

Fuck you google translate. How do you misuse the most commonly used word in the english language. 

Honestly Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita deserves all the attention it’s getting. For a season known for its relatively safe premises, this show is daring to challenge its viewership. Sure you can take the craziness for what it is at face value, but each joke or gag has a metaphor woven within it. Sure seeing naked chickens running about to Mozart is hilarious on its own, but it speaks to how humanity has truly declined. Ave Maria is a song that begs for redemption. While our Ms.Sweets tries to piece this crazy world together, is there anyway humanity can find salvation regardless of who or what intervenes?

7 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 2

  1. Actually, Jintai had hype. Tons of anibloggers including myself are excited over a show written by Romeo Tanaka, one of the more popular VN writers. Of course, the hype was overshadowed by Sword Art Online.

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