Binbougami Ga! Weekly Update – Episode 2

Ichiko Vs. Momiji Round 2!

The humor is still here in spades bouncing between slapstick, meta and referential.  It’s a great mix and Binbougami Ga! makes an effort that there is something for everyone.

Ichiko and Momiji have great chemistry as they square off for the majority of the episode. It’s hard to root for either of them but that’s what makes this show so much fun. Zero emotional investment in the characters means that we don’t care what sort of abuse they put each other through.

We’re going straight into the ugly for this one…

The flip side is that the characters have no depth. There’s no hook to help us identify with Ichiko and Momiji. Their lives are inconsequential to the viewer; therefore the plot is inconsequential to the viewer.  Intelligent comedy can only maintain a person’s interest for so long.  Even though the story hardly progressed this episode, I don’t think I would have appreciated any developments regardless.

It doesn’t help that meaningless supporting characters are being introduced. While the horny priest is a trope I enjoy the two female leads need to be solidified first.  To the credit of the first episode, some attention was give to Ichiko’s backstory. But like I said in my first impression, it felt tacked on and insincere.

For now Binbougami Ga! is a one trick pony. The first episode made a great splash and injected some much-needed personality into the summer line up but its brand of comedy can quickly grow irksome. It’s only the second episode and its already starting to wear on me.

One thought on “Binbougami Ga! Weekly Update – Episode 2

  1. 100% agreed. the first episode was gold and only gained momentum throughout. this episode however, while it may have had a few moments of silly quirks, went straight downhill; tossing in variations… TOO many variations of comedy and just became sloppy.

    i still love the two butting heads, but it needs fine tuning in certain areas… and less of whatever they decided to throw in this episode (the damn priest is a good example of unneeded and unwanted)

    you hit it on the nose my friend.

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