Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 2

It’s not the Anime take on Glee I hoped for, but it’s still good.

Tari Tari continues to build on its great dialogue, charming cast and subtle humor. Sometimes that’s all it takes to impress. You don’t need some new age concept or ‘artistic’ vision to make your show interesting. This series proves that polish and execution are the two most important factors for an enjoyable Anime.

The second outing smartly opts for relationship building over character development, particularly Konatsu and Wakana. We start to see the first petals of their budding relationship. Moving past their rough start, the two are beginning to understand one another. There is a long road ahead of them but you can’t expect otherwise from two characters who serve as foils for one another.

Where Konatsu finds her hopes, Wakana finds them dashed. The former’s optimism is the latter’s annoyance. Two seemingly irreconcilable personalities are brought together in Sawa’s gentle hands. She is the point where Wakana’s hesitation and Konatsu desperation meet and helps direct the story forward.

In twenty four minutes its difficult to be thoughtful to the entire cast and give everyone some meaningful screentime. Sadly, the boys get the short end of the stick. Atsuhiro and Taichi are a great comedic duo, but get relegated to a single beef bowl joke in the middle of the episode. Let’s hope to see more of our badminton star and confused but polite transfer student in the next episode.

For a series with a musical premise, I was underwhelmed by the song selection. I expected the rebel choir group to come out guns blazing for their first recital. Instead they opt for a instrumental pop song that harkens back to late 90s Canadian pop. Tari Tari definitely has to show more confidence on its own stage. Regardless, I am looking forward to their next performance.

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