Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 2

The King of Kings is born!

Campione! is not kidding itself. It announces it is a harem anime from the start. No seriously, the narrator from the end of the first episode drops in to tell us that this would be the story of Godou and all the women that surround him. You can’t blame this show for its confidence or lack of subtlety. An Anime that’s in love with the story it wants to tell makes for an entertaining watch regardless of the shortcomings it might have. Sadly this is the only good thing I have to say about the second episode of this series.

How the hell did Godou demolish the Coliseum and get away with it? The cast didn’t even bat an eyelash. Oh there goes one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks but our mythos is way more important than a crusty old stadium. We were going to build a new one there anyways with air conditioning and big screen televisions. So thank you and have a nice day.  Awesome!

Speaking of the mythos though, I already see some inconsistencies. Isn’t the Campione considered the King of Kings? How can there be six other ‘King of Kings’… It kind of diminishes the title don’t ya’ think?

Campione!’s deal breaker is the bogus love story. Erica goes for a hard sell on her feelings toward Godou, which suddenly sprung up during the last few moments of the first episode. Even our hero has his suspicions about the damsel that has literally fallen into his lap. For me the character of Erica has been completely ruined. I don’t want to see her fangirling for a guy she just met in almost every scene they share. She’s become the Campione’s groupie. I want her to be down with her Tsundere self! Let’s hope in next week’s episode the two don’t get married.

4 thoughts on “Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 2

  1. I, on the other hand, totally want to see Erica be all dere-dere with her cute self. I kinda thought she’d revert back to tsun in ep. 2, but the dere took over too much. Consider my heart stolen for the summer season, even if that narration about the harem was blatant and cheesy before the OP.

    As for the king of kings thing, agreed. I like how Fate/Zero had different labels for kings like conqueror, knights or kings.

  2. “You can’t blame this show for its confidence or lack of subtlety”
    I can at least blame it for being a mess of a story and for being boring…which is why as nice as Erica looks, I’m not going to give it another episode. Keep fighting the good fight dood 😀

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