Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 14

Accel World has a surprise for us this week!

For thirteen episodes, I have condemned this shows to the darkest corners reserved for the most dreadful of anime. Now I won’t be recanting all my negative comments regarding this Sunrise production, but I will concede that this outing was a step in the right direction. Haru finally shows some consequential growth. The proverbial light bulb finally went off in his head and he actualized half a series worth of development in an instant. Now all he needs to do is get on a treadmill sometimes!

Nomi is the villain this series was waiting for. I can’t help but be disgusted at how manipulative and patronizing he is. The Chrome Disaster failed to draw even a fraction of that ire. When crafting an effective antagonist, it’s important to draw in some emotional investment from the viewer. We shouldn’t be asked to identify with him or her per say, we should just be able to easily recognize the traits we don’t connect with. Having a strong villain drives the plot and gives it some focus.

So my hats off to Accel World for an entertaining showing! Let’s hope they don’t ruin Nomi anytime soon! (Just because I enjoyed one episode doesn’t mean I have faith in you).

As Chiyu starts getting engrossed into the Brain Burst game, she becomes less of a reprieve from the Accelerated World and more of the useless dumb chick. Don’t get me wrong, every Anime crew needs one of those, but why Chiyu. She is the most complex character this series had to offer, but as the episodes continue, I see her become more and more two-dimensional.

If this arc of Accel World turns out to be any good, it means you would have to slog through thirteen episodes of lazy storytelling for a half decent anime. Maybe it’s too late to save this show for those that are uninitiated. But for those that have stuck with this series for whatever the reason, lets hope our efforts are rewarded.

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