Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 2

After a rousing debut, Sword Art Online continues to ride the twitter trail into its second episode. I think many were surprised that #SAO actually delivered on its promises. With that being said, this series is going to put the wire week in and week out.

@shinn87: Kirito had to go through like 4 submenus to get to the party invite, that bothered me #SAO

I think the more glaring omission is the lack of a logout button. I can just imagine what review sites are saying about the game…

@anaaga94: I’m dying and a stranger is giving me healing potion but I didn’t drink it and made a speech because I HAVE TO so I’m DEEEEDDD now#SAO

JFK died for the sake of a speech. Martin Luther King Jr. died for the sake of a speech. How can you not understand dying for a speech in a video game, to one person, who ended up not really giving a shit.

@eternaldays: I sound like a #SAO hater but don’t get me wrong, I love it but there’s just too much loopholes in the anime, for now.

You’re just watching it all wrong.

@Crimotaku: #SAO anime really speaks to me coz I used to raid with strangers in MMOs. So it appeals to me a lot. Raiding get ugly when u get pricks tho

Momma always told me not talk to strangers. Or maybe I just don’t get the appeal.

@shinn87: How can #SAO be so great? It’s truly opened my eyes, there’ll never be a show this amazing ever again. This is it. This is the mountaintop

Cowboy Bebop, Gintama, Akira, Ghost In the Shell, Nausicaa… No those are all just scrub anime.


It’s sad to see our youth instilled with negative values from watching anime. I can understand the need for gold and experience, but honestly we all need to exercise manners. Say please next time! Thank you.

@jpmeyer: also, if sword art online took place in brazil, there would be hundreds of millions dead within the first day (ahHIUuEahEeiaiuHa AFFFFFFFFF)

If Sword Art Online took place in China, no one would try and beat the game, just gold farm all day.

@krizzlybear: The issue about Sword Art Online isn’t that they can’t log off, it’s that the game has Always-On DRM.

It would suck if you lost your internet connection because your mom forgot to pay the bill…

Suprisingly, Sword Art Online has not dropped the ball with its second outing. The world of Aincrad gives us more of what we want: charming characters, great set pieces and inspiring visuals. While the introduction of Kirito’s eventual companion, Asuna, was a bit raw, it set up the foundation for an interesting relationship. A tinge of melancholy in her attitude helps separate her from the typical Anime girl.

Interestingly enough Sword Art Online dares to ask the question: Are we our brother’s keeper? Beginners are insisting that the beta testers lend them a hand. Any failure to do so leads to a public scapegoating by their peers. For the beginners, its an act of convenience that lets them diverge the burdens of their new world from their shoulders. But all it is accomplishing is dredging a greater rift between those that can help and them.

Hopefully #SAO can keep the deaths to a minimum till next week.

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