Saturdays With Sushi: Moomba [@MoombaDS]

This week I sit down with another writer from Random Curiosity, Moomba. We chat a little bit about the summer season, the anime stigma and writing. Its the usual! Sorry I didn’t get around to actually posting this on Saturday, but enjoy nonetheless!

SushiGoKart: So for those that don’t know you could you give a slight introduction before we begin?

Moomba: Alright, well I’m Moomba, blogger at RC currently covering SAO, Space Bros and the TWGOK manga. I also do relatively regular soundtrack reviews on the site since my day job is that of a composer! How’s that?

SushiGoKart: Haha sounds good! So the summer season is well under way and according to twitter it’s been surprisingly good. How do you feel about it so far?

Moomba: A lot better than I was expecting to be honest. Given how down so many people were about it after coming off such a great spring, I was expecting to have a very short list of anime to watch this season. Seems I was mistaken there!

SushiGoKart: What are your favorites so far?

Moomba: Hmmm… if I had to pick, I would probably go with SAO, Binbougami ga! and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II.

SushiGoKart: There are new ‘anibloggers’ coming out of the woodwork every so often. What advice would you give them? What experiences do you think have prepared you for your success today?

Moomba: I always find it’s best to write about what you enjoy rather than ending up trying to cover everything. Maybe you might feel that you should cover something becaues it’s extremely popular and people will want to read about it, but at the end of the day, if you overextend (especially early on), you might end up finding yourself becoming disillusioned with blogging entirely. That’s my sufficiently pretentious advice from someone who’s only been blogging for three months! Haha. As to experiences, uh, I’m not even sure what to say. I’ve always enjoyed writing about absolutely anything.

SushiGoKart: Haha. So I think the better question to ask is, what got you into anime?

Moomba: A long long time ago, a friend of mine convinced me I should watch Escaflowne. Admittedly, I’d seen many of the typical entry level anime long before that in my childhood years – Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, that sort of stuff, but it was Escaflowne that was really my first break into it. I can remember a huge dilemma over whether to watch it subbed or dubbed since the dub was not great. And the subs were flourescent yellow… I think subs won out in the end though haha!

SushiGoKart: I remember watching Love Hina and Witch Hunter Robin in those fluorescent yellow subtitles! I think it built up my tolerance for terrible subs nowadays. My next question, Have you ever had a problem sharing your Anime watching hobby with your friends?

Moomba: Yes, unfortunately. Where I lived and went to school, anything that wasn’t a physical sport was generally frowned upon, including gaming to an extent. Anime was one of those things you never really talked about openly and I had quite a few friends who considered my enjoyment of ‘cartoons’ to be hilarious.

SushiGoKart: How have you dealt with it over the years?

Moomba: Generally by not being the one to bring it up first. Haha. I’m a lot less prone to hiding my quirks these days and I do have a lot more friends who watch anime now (some of them aren’t past the ‘If it’s not 80s/90s it must suck! Down with moe!’ phase though).

SushiGoKart: Well everyone starts somewhere. How would you go about introducing say your best friend or girlfriend to anime? Where would you start?

Moomba: I tend to want to try and get people to watch Code Geass when they’re starting out watching anime since it’s my favourite of all time, but I usually end up going down the safer Fullmetal Alchemist route. FMA seems to be a pretty good starting point for most people!

SushiGoKart: Are you down with Code Geass Season 2 though?

Moomba: It went a little downhill from the first season, but I still enjoyed it overall. Some of the developments may have been a little… questionable, but it definitely remains up there with my favourites!

SushiGoKart: Haha. Well before we finish this interview off, is there anything you would like to say? Any shout outs?

Moomba: Hmm, I wanna shout out to all the other awesome writers at RC for being great people to work and discuss anime with! It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I hope it continues so!

SushiGoKart: Thank you for your time! And hopefully Sword Art Online continues to live up to the hype this summer!

Moomba: As do I! And thanks for having me!

If you want to see more of Moomba, follow him on twitter @MoombaDS or check out his writing at! Until next week my friends!

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