The Week That Was #1

La storia della Arcana Famiglia 

Felicita can’t seem to respond with more than two words since her daddy beat her. My problem with this show is that a reverse harem should showcase the female lead’s strength as a character. Considering that the cast around her is so void of personality, it’s disappointing to see her court of Bishounens completely overshadow her. It upsets me that Anime in general has a dearth of strong women that aren’t completely butch.

What this show needs is an injection of excitement and less episodes preoccupied with mundane tasks such as finding a lost cat. I can understand how this could be a good vehicle for character development. But it ended up just being an excuse for some hollow interactions between Felicita and the rest of the cast.

Temperature: Cold

Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate 

Surprisingly, this is a somewhat unexciting follow-up to a rousing first episode. Oojima meets his muse, who is none other than Satsuki Shinonome, the Vice President of Finance. Even though her mission is to shut down useless organizations, she decides to encourage the Food Research Club member. Her advice is simple enough: horses that don’t show up for the race can never win. For me this is one of the more interesting tropes in Anime: the rival as a romantic interest. Do I think KoiChoco will weave a tale where love struggles against the vile realities of ambition? No. Will it provide an interesting plot with a few meaningful twists and turns along the way? Definitely.

Temperature: Warm

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

This show is still ridiculous and still lots of fun. They amped up the crazy in this second outing with the appearance of another Shinigami. The charm of this series lies in its use of the most fundamental of tropes: the hero story. Boy meets a goddess and learns to accept his destiny, which is to save the world. Classics such as Star Wars and Harry Potter were based off a similar blueprint.  Now I’m not elevating a simple ecchi Anime to those soaring altitudes, but its attention to classical storytelling is admirable.

Temperature: Warm

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

So I will use a simple twitter review for what I believe is an insignificant series.

@SushiGoKart: #HagureYuusha is like a ripped condom. It takes some time to realize its no good but by then its too late. 

Temperature: Frozen Solid

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