Kokoro Connect Weekly Update – Episode 2

Kokoro Connect doesn’t need to give my heart a break.

The first few episodes are always important for a show.  During these toddler stages, a series needs to build its foundation. Characters need to be introduced and rooted into the mythos. Layers have to be woven into one another giving the plotline depth and appeal. Most importantly the stage has to be set for the eventual climax.

Kokoro Connect spends its screen time well following these guidelines for a fledgling show.  Each moment it builds the chemistry between the different members of its main cast. Taichi and Inaba are just as entertaining as Aoki and Yui. That’s saying a lot for two episodes.

An air of mystery has been dashed against the narrative with the introduction of Heartseed. Not much is learned in this outing, but he seems to be the source behind the body switching. His intentions are hidden, but for now our cast has to deal with their unknown enemy.

This season, comparisons will obviously be drawn with the other prominent slice-of-life offering from P.A. Works, Tari Tari. Both shows had strong openers, but Tari Tari fell off a bit. Pacing between each respective series’ second episodes contrast like night and day. Kokoro Connect is taking a more measured approach to doling out its storyline, essential when building an effective character drama. Every cast member has to have enough screentime to ‘breathe’.

There isn’t anything necessarily bad with this episode; it hits all the right notes. Something to take note of, this show is whispering the beginning of multiple narrative threads. Scriptwriters have to be aware to address these dangling strings as the series progresses; otherwise it could lead to an unfulfilling experience.

Once again my expectations have been inflated. Let’s hope Kokoro Connect lets me cash in on my bid for it to be the sleeper hit of the season.

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