Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 3

Critical darling Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita continues to make waves in the Twitterverse. The random nature of tweets fits in very well with the eccentricities of this show. Let’s see what people had to say about the 3rd episode!

@fullOrev: Watching Dora the Explorer with my little sister. Now, I’m convinced#jintai is like Dora the Explorer for people older than 13.

“Come on, ikuyoo.
Everybody let’s go.”

Now would I let my baby cousin watch Jinrui instead of Dora? Yes. Because it doesn’t promote racism.

@LuniazKun: I’m sure #jintai is poking fun at two certain groups of ppl in this ep LOL

No way… this anime is satire? Who woulda thunk it?

@lord_jagganath: While I enjoyed #jintai #3 , I am weary of the rotten story line.

People of the Twitterverse! Get your torches! How dare you say something bad about this critical darling!

@8broswithoutme: well, pretty happy that apparently BL is one of the only things of modern civilization that will survive into our decline #jintai

Well if Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita taught me anything it is this: idiocy will continue to thrive well into the dawn of our extinction. That and summer dresses… Epic win for man-kind.

@nekonekotea: #jintai is out?! *puts everything on hold*

Let’s hope this person is not a surgeon or needs to use the bathroom. I can see how this could lead to a sticky situation.

@JoeAnimated: so Jinrui is starting to live up to expectations now. Hopefully stays that way

I thought Twitter decided this three weeks ago when it came out! Then again we have all seen the research behind group think…

@hachikurooo: So– why are young girls acting as Mediators again? #jinrui

I feel as if by now humanity has gotten over the whole sexism thing. Why this is a very forward thinking article today, I tackled the issues of racism and sexism. It’s almost as if my blog now has some intellectual worth.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita pleases with it’s signature humor of poking fun at everyday human materialism. This time around the target is fads. Ms.Sweets shows a surprising amount of insight into how these trends work and what their success entails. I am impressed that the series has taken the time to highlight some of the benefits of our mainstream culture of today, such as collaboration and competition. For satire, it’s always good to have a positive element represented for the topic which anchors the criticism against it. While the future looks grim for our leading lady, this series looks like it has a bright future. Keep the laughs rolling and the fairies floating. In retrospect that’s a terrible use of slant rhyme.

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