Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 3

Tari Tari, I want an encore.

I forgot to mention that last week’s episode of Tari Tari felt a bit anticlimactic. The series executes so many things well; sometimes it’s hard to see its flaws behind the gloss. Regardless, a deep feeling of apathy burrowed itself within my soul. What was next? The big recital was over and our rag-tag group of singers could not rally together for a big finish.

Maybe this show is trying to tell us something. We don’t always have our moments. Sometimes fate schemes against us in such ways it is difficult to overcome its obstacles. We just have to try our best, keep our heads down, and trek ahead.

Tari Tari treks ahead promising another sunrise as the dusk of the recital has all but settled. Konatsu and crew have bigger fish to fry, such as the town’s World Music Festival. In the wake of their lackluster debut, I’m sure their looking to bounce back especially with their new members in tow.

Atsuhiro and Wein, who were sadly sidelined in the last episode, get a bit more stage time. With their badminton club facing disbarment, Atsuhiro and Konatsu duke it out on the court. The losing club will join the other, so at least one of them has the five required members. With only Wein to support him, they prove no match for the three girls. Our cast is finally set.

This show still succeeds at subtlety. The script betrays a bit more of Wakana’s past and the foundation for her mother’s repute. While it’s not a lot to work off of, it does provide a window into the days long gone, letting us draw our own conclusions for the motives of the older members of the school’s administration.

Where was the new music? Honestly is it too much to ask? Sakimichi no Apollon delivered week in and week out, whether it was a rehearsal or a performance. Maybe my expectations should be tempered. Not every director is Watanabe.

Nothing to report. Tari Tari knows its strengths and runs with them. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the build to the groups next appearance doesn’t feel as rushed.

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