Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 3

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to another episode of… Who is Imouto?!

This week, contestants Konoe and Miyabi make a desperate attempt to cure their breeding horse Shougo of the terrible disease known as homosexuality! The poor guy really has it bad; just take a look at some of the footage our cameras backstage managed to capture.

And remember, you have to be especially careful around bishies. Male or not, they’ll pierce through you with their impregnating glances! Be sure to wear face and eye protection when dealing with these horny sparkling bastards.

This week’s episode introduces the deluxe double set of cream puffs. Comes in two sizes: small and extra large. All this just goes to show that Who is Imouto really is a Food Network show in disguise! It continues to deliver on making you hungry. Or was it horny? Perhaps “wet” will simply suffice? I honestly don’t know… who is imouto, that is.

That damned imouto. It must take a great amount of skill to simultaneously be a cock-tease and a cock-block, but she manages to pull it off. The poor guy can’t even get it on with all the hot chicks at school because of you! Now I won’t speculate as to who she could be *cough* it’s a conspiracy; every single girl in that school is his sister *cough* but I can tell you that she probably has cream puffs… or perhaps even a tight butt. No, I’m not making any of this up; it’s all in the subs.

Dear anime, get with the times. Calling homosexuality a “disease” is so last century. We all know that homosexuals aren’t sick or scary; they’re actually silly and laughable. Oh wait, that’s not any better is it? But seriously though, stop ridiculing homosexuality. It’s not funny and only makes you look like an ass. Oh the irony.

And that’s all the time we have for today! See you again next week for yet another episode of… Who is Imouto?!

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