Binbougami Ga! Weekly Update – Episode 3

Ichiko takes the first step in what might be a long spiritual journey.

While the two main characters, Ichiko and Momiji, have great chemistry with each other, one taking a supporting role works wonders for the show. Ichiko is put under the examining table for the third outing, exploring her self serving nature. Character development, almost nonexistent in the first two episodes, becomes the shows primary focus. The comedy definitely take the back seat but it’s all for the better. Relying on reoccurring gags gives some space for the cast to breathe. When certain scenes are inherently funny because of what the protagonist does, it frees up the script for meaningful dialogue.

I am by no means saying that Binbougami Ga! Has transitioned into a character drama but it has matured. It’s still funny as hell and has lost none of its personality.

Speaking of characters though, the introduction of Keita was brilliant. He’s a down to earth guy that grounds the  exaggerated personalities of his peers. Serving as a conduit for Ichiko’s growth, I hope to see a lot more of him in future episodes

This series has a serious handicap. One of the interesting leads has to step into the shadows for there to be any sort of significant development. I wish the writers could find a way to include both Ichiko and Momiji without them suffocating one another.

What ultimately drives us to watch a show is the conclusion. As viewers we want to know what happens in the  end. Often times great shows catch a bad rap because their endings don’t provide closure.

I don’t know what sort of closure to expect from Binbougami Ga! Three episodes in and I’m finding the possibilities underwhelming. Do Momiji and Ichiko become best friends? Does the latter become a better human being? Does the goddess of misfortune get a promotion? I don’t really care for any of these questions to be answered at this point. It’s indicative of how blasé the premise actually is regardless of the improvements of the storytelling.

Don’t worry I’m not dropping it because I find it fucking hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Binbougami Ga! Weekly Update – Episode 3

  1. I think they can bring both characters together and have the same sort of development. The big thing getting in the way isn’t that both characters are large scale and steal time from each other. The real problem is that the first two episodes were basically all-out war between Momiji and Ichika (chichika, hurhurhur). When they’re fighting a huge battle like that, the action’s going to take the front seat, and relegate the development to the back of the theater.

    I think the biggest key to this episode wasn’t necessarily Momiji not being around. It was Momiji letting the situation do the heavy lifting for her. That, in and of itself, was a huge development for Momiji, who to this point had been the type that demanded the spotlight and was actually pretty obsessed with ‘winning’ against Ichika.

    As for where the show goes, hopefully it’s somewhere that’ll be fun. We saw last season that the ‘good’ ending doesn’t have to be friends, or romance, or closure. The good ending has to make sense and fit with the show. But even at that, there’s a long way to go to get to the end, be it good or bad. At this point, we can do nothing but trust the production of the show to entertain us on the way there.

    • Haha well spoken. I didn’t really see Momiji stepping back as a development, but thats a great way to look at it. And I agree that the ending has to fit, but as of right now I don’t think I care about getting any closure from this series.

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