Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 15

We have another week of Nomi, so another week of awesome. Spoiler Alert! He steals Haru’s wings. This leaves our hero broken and battered, and rightfully so. He can’t have peace of mind in either world. A part of me says he should just cut his losses and be happy with his hot girlfriend Kuroyuki. But since she’s obsessed with Brain Burst, it would make for an awkward relationship.

This arc looks like it can be exciting and with the absence of Black Snow. It gives the cast some room to grow. Her persona, while unassuming, takes up a lot of screentime. If she were more of a dynamic figure then it would be alright, but she’s predictable and dry.

The same could be said for Taku who is rightfully sidelined except for one scene. Haru is a pretty unlikable hero, so the show needs to give him as much time to become the man we want him to be. Get to the gym bro!

Let’s skip right to the ugly for this one, because it’s pretty bad.

Remember that one scene with Taku in it that I mentioned? Well it was terrible and nearly sank my impression of this episode. Him and Haru have an exchange about being there for Chiyu. Haru, out of nowhere, starts spouting off about how he could be with her and how Taku just wanted to be with Kuroyuki. Where the fuck did all that come from?

Regardless of his emotional state, Haru hero worships his best friend. It was as if this scene was constructed just to check the necessary angst box. Not every episode needs to have this emotional bullshit.

Honestly things are looking up for this series, but I don’t think it can easily shed the trappings of its style of storytelling. Sadly enough, there might be a great story hidden neath it all.

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