Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 4

Muv-Luv Alternative continues to be hit-and-miss.

I guess we got some character development? Really, at this point the only things in Muv-Luv that appeal to me are the shiny mechs and flashy explosions. Oh, and I guess the skin-tight suits and tits as well, but I digress.

I’m hoping this will change, but I don’t really like Yuuya’s attitude right now. He gives off this cocky air despite being a terrible failure. I’m not saying he should be emo instead (that would be even more aggravating), but he should really be reflecting on what he can do to improve instead of stubbornly blaming the mech. That just screams irresponsibility. Also, was it really necessary to make Yui a bitch? Yes they do hint that she’s actually caring deep down inside, and Yuuya’s attitude towards her doesn’t help, but I think just one stuck-up character at a time is more than enough for a show. I suppose the silver lining is that we’ll get to enjoy the “exchanges” between Yuuya and Yui. I’m just waiting for him to pimp-slap hit her one of these days, though I personally think he needs a beating himself as well.

I still find the whole concept of Muv-Luv to be quite ridiculous. Why are they even trying to fight the BETA with mechs? The second episode clearly demonstrated that the most effective way to deal with them is to barrage them from a distance. This is what mankind should be focusing on doing, not silly “joint exercises” to “improve” mechs. Speaking of the show in general, the attempt at adding shock value in the second episode was quite contrived because we could have seen it coming a mile away and weren’t very invested in the characters anyway. I’m not familiar with the source material so I was surprised with the sudden change in main character. Unfortunately, the way it was done makes the first two episodes seem like an unconvincing attempt to make us sympathize with Yui instead of just call her a bitch. She’s still a bitch. Regardless, Muv-Luv is far from terrible. The characters aren’t boring, and I’m interested in seeing how humanity fairs against the BETA.

9 thoughts on “Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. Yeah, I think Yuuya needs more of a beating than Yui. She hasn’t done all that much, and given that Yuuya’s a complete jerk-ass, pretty much any attitude she cops towards him isn’t out of line. But even then, all she’s done is say “Quit being a jerk-ass whiner.”

    That said, I still think this show is pretty underwhelming. I know there are some people who are so heavily invested in it that they’re defending it, but there’s no depth here. The art is really lacking, the CG is badly out of place – Flying over a ‘forest’ that’s a bunch of identical trees all spaced just so, masses of plasticky monsters, smoothly animated stacks of boxes… I mean mechs. The whole effort just feels cheap – like Episode 3, when the mechs were taking off for the exercise: They have 3 catapult tracks, and they *obviously* have to step into a launch receiver to launch, yet 4 mechs in a row take off from the same catapult with no spacing between them.

    The only thing that helps me not completely dismiss the show is thinking “Everyone is stuck in 1969.” Attitudes haven’t changed at all, relative power hasn’t changed at all. But if that’s so, then why bother making the show be set in 2012? Why not 2020, or 1995? 2012 just invites us to think these people have the same attitudes as us, but that’s obviously not true.

    • Isn’t the show set in 2001? Not that those 11 years make a huge difference, I guess (aside from technology). That said, given the whole alternate universe thing, I’m not sure if our historical events and perspectives apply to the Muv-Luv world.

      We haven’t seen much yet, but I don’t get the impression that the Soviets and Americans are on particularly bad terms so far. They are doing the joint exercises instead of having an arms/space race, after all. If anything, it seems like there’s a lot of hate and mistrust toward the Japanese, but if my dates are correct, this isn’t taking place close to WWII. Then again, I’m not even sure if our own history even applies to this universe.

      In conclusion, Muv-Luv has tits.

      • Yeah, but it’s also got shower steam, at least on CR.

        Yeah, you’re right it’s 2001, but it’s obvious that there was a split from our history at some point around WW II, given that it’s Imperial Japan (but they’re at least friendly with the US), the “Soviets” are still around, and there’s enough animosity towards the Japanese when a guy like Yuuya Bridges is growing up (assuming he’s something like 25 in 2001, I really can’t have imagined that much anti-Japanese feeling in ‘our’ world through the late 70’s and 80’s). I *can* imagine it in the late 60’s, just barely.

  2. Yuuya’s attitude: AHAHAH YES! WHAT THE HELL!? He is all angry because he can’t pilot his mecha? Boooo freaaakingggg whooooo! I like him as a character, but damn was he annoying! Then again I wanted to punch Yui as well because uh racist much? Ahahhaha

    I did enjoy seeing the fake battle but I want to see the team work together and actually do some real missions…Also the girls uniforms? WTF @those shoulder looking things they look like robots don’t they?

  3. Hmmm… just a quickie about “I still find the whole concept of Muv-Luv to be quite ridiculous. Why are they even trying to fight the BETA with mechs?” part.

    Without trying to spoil too much, there are actually really good reasons why barraging from a distance isn’t something that will terminate the BETA threat. I guess it is partially the fault of the series for not introducing a lot of these details the source material answers, but yeah, just a heads up eh that a lot of stuff might seem questionable… but they’re things that have many, many reasons behind them.

    As for the first two episodes, I getcha eh. Sadly it seems like those episodes were anime original in an attempt to introduce basic info. to new viewers, so that kinda contributed a lot to some of the developments a bit meh. Seems like they had some director issues too (he’s since been replaced EP3 onward). -_-

  4. And just cause it’s been bugging me: Why do these mechs have heads? The pilot’s not in the head. It’s just there. What, did they think it was too “Uncanny Valley” without them?

    • I think the usual “excuse” for mechs is that the “head” houses sensors such as visual stuff. Of course, this doesn’t exactly line up with the POV that the pilots have in their cockpits, but honestly who knows?

      • Yeah, I figured that would be the excuse, and really that’s a pretty lame excuse. They could put those anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s just “mechs are big metal people!”

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