The Week That Was #2

La storia della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 3

This series honestly has no hope. Felicita last outing was flaccid at best. The story is trying so hard to build Nova and Liberta as characters, but it’s just flailing at the deep end. The action on screen fails to engross me and pull me into the daily on goings of the cast. When you fail to hook your audience, no amount of back story can resurrect the dead personalities of the Arcana Famiglia. Stay away from this graveyard of a series.

Temperature: Frozen Solid

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – Episode 3

“President Mouri joined your party.” Oojima and his fellow lazy lackeys will now be undefeatable! Or maybe not? A general rule of thumb is not to trust that one character who never opens his/her eyes. That’s just bad news right from the get-go. But of course, Oojima and his merry band of yaoi stick eaters are in no position to be picky so they didn’t really have much of a choice. Now, I know my memory can be bad at times, but I really don’t remember the situation with Nee-chan-sensei and Oojima being explained. Perhaps things are clearer for those who have played the visual novel? I can only hope this will in fact be elaborated upon later though, because leaving anime-only viewers in the dark is not the way to go. See: Horizon. That show is just a clusterfuck. But I guess doesn’t matter, it has tits.

Temperature: Warm

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai – Episode 3

What a surprising turn of events! Big-tits-childhood-friend-who-is-also-neighbor gets contracted to the evil little sister? Oh man, I did not see that coming at all. No wait, I did. But that’s not to say such a stereotypical development is necessarily bad. So does this mean poor Mina can’t get wet now? Because that’s a damn shame. Her tits are still big though, so I guess Ero-suke can just dry-hump them with his flaccid penis. Oh, and did I mention Lisara’s “rival”? I actually think it’s hilarious how her boobs can be used as a distraction in battle. Typically this is where we get some line about how big tits just get in the way, but boy does she know how to “use” them.

Temperature: Lukewarm

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode 3

“Hey there little girl. Let me make you a woman.” Also, they fight cocks. A cockatrice, that is. I think it’s no coincidence that the cockatrice’s ability is to petrify things, if you catch my drift.

Temperature: Cool

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was #2

  1. I’m a lot warmer on Boku H than you, and I’m having a lot of fun watching it. And Mina’s power source is… pining after Ryousuke, which means that Quele had to listen to her talk about him all night, which I think kind of serves her right.

    KoiChoco threw that weird loop in there with the teacher, who Yuuichi kept referring to as “mom”. Now someone else said that’s to keep Chisato from getting suspicious, but it’s still a ‘whaaaa?’ Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s more incesty than Who is Imouto?, if Hazuki really is related to him, and Satsuki, what’s that pair going to do. Otherwise, I still like Satsuki’s attitude towards Yuuichi.

    • Ah, that explains things about Mina. I thought Quele was simply avoiding the subject when she started talking about her “conversation” with Mina, but I guess I just didn’t make the connection.

      Haha, looks like no anime is immune to the “incest syndrome”. I remember the text convo between Yuuichi and Chisato, but I don’t recall any other incidences where he refers to Hazuki as “mom”. If it’s just that one time, I’d also say it was just to prevent Chisato from making a scene or something.

      • Yeah, that makes some sense for a reason to deceive Chisato, but why is ‘going to see our sensei’ such a thing to hide? Although I guess the Marshmallow Hell hug is why it’s such a thing to hide.

        KoiChoco really has this expanding undercurrent of weirdness and intrigue going on that they’re barely even talking about. First, I don’t get why in even a fairly large school there is a “Public Safety Commission” and a “Finance Commission” and a “General Services Commission” nor why these are historically large voting blocs in a high school with turnover every 3 years or so. And then, the machinations of these commissions are worth enough to murder a girl over? Really? We’ll see if any of it gets fleshed out, or if the only ‘fleshing out’ continues to be that every time they show Satsuki they focus on her boobs first. Even when they show her speaking at the podium in the OP, it’s GIANT BOOBS on the screen behind her.

      • Haha, I agree the show really needs to start explaining some things before the viewers get too confused.

        Those “commissions” also seem rather excessive for a school to me. Aren’t those things usually taken care of by the school board or something? Or perhaps that’s only in America? I guess we’ll get our answers in time. Rather, we’d better get those answers.

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