Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 14

And here I was thinking Hyouka might go three episodes without any mystery.

Honestly, I felt that the school festival was a welcome break from mystery solving. I actually quite liked seeing more of Satoshi and Mayaka’s life outside of the Classics Club. The introduction of Satoshi’s “rival” was rather humorous while the conflict between Mayaka and her senpai provided a contrasting serious tone. I have to admit, I’ve always disliked Eru because she’s just plain annoying. But of course, many will cite her cuteness in her defense and she’s definitely been maxing out the cute meter in these latest episodes.

Oh did I mention I still don’t like Eru? Let’s take a look at what she’s done recently. She couldn’t focus for more two seconds, thus failing epically at accomplishing the task entrusted to her. I seriously think they should have had her hold down the fort instead of Oreki. Then again, he would probably protest against having to get up off his ass. Oh, and I guess it would only be appropriate for the club president to be going around asking for favors, but I digress. Still, this only made my image of Eru even worse. Add “useless” onto her list of traits (which as of now consists of annoying and overbearing). I suppose on the bright side she’s good at cooking. Maybe they should just get a kitchen built into the club room and keep her in there. Oh wait, that’s horribly sexist and not funny. I do apologize.

My original gripe with Hyouka was its seemingly pointless mysteries. Who cares why moe-chan is angry at a math teacher? Luckily, Hyouka has been steadily improving the “quality” of its mysteries. I actually think this upcoming “theft” mystery might be interesting. If anything, it’s got more “relative importance” than an angry moe-blob. Or maybe the show is just growing on me. I doubt the same would ever apply to Eru though.

P.S. I bet you thought that .gif was titled “Eru Tit”.

3 thoughts on “Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 14

  1. Everytime I hear “ki ni narimasu”, I legitimately want to punch something…
    Ok, I lied. I really don’t care about it too much. As one who loves slice-of-life shows, every week, I go into Hyouka expecting a slice-of-life. That way I don’t get too disappointed or distracted with the shortcomings of the mystery(s). I really only nitpick when I get into discussions about the show, probably does not happen too often.

  2. At the beginning of the series, I was kind of searching for a ‘level’ of mystery that the show was at. I couldn’t really find one that’s analogous, but settled on somewhere a little above “Encyclopedia Brown” (and considering Scooby-Doo lower than Encyclopedia Brown). This is about where I think the show should stay, with things that aren’t really ‘mysteries’ but are more ‘conundrums’ or ‘unexplained phenomena’.

    Personally, Eru is growing on me. In particular, this episode made me realize that she basically sandbags people. She gets Irisu to give her tips on persuasion, while using some of those very same qualities that she’s being taught. It seems like she’s mindlessly repeating words, or not paying attention to things, but then she remembers some detail that noone else saw. Yeah, she’s kinda ditzy, and seems easily led, but she can get stubborn when needed (I note that the culture in this school is much more ‘polite’ than in typical contemporary school anime, and wonder if a lot of Eru’s easily led is just going along to be polite). I think it’s been good that they split up the crew for this arc, mainly because it gets the other characters out of Houtarou’s presence. He is the main character of the show, but he’s got a very blanketing presence that I think tends to make the other characters feel far too muted, and such they have to try too hard to get out of his shadow. Moving them around seems to have humanized them some, without the exaggeration they usually seem to have.

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