Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 3

The third chapter of Sword Art Online is upon us, so let’s jump right into the thick of things. Hype has been mellowing out a bit because the plot is being described as underwhelming. Considering the big budget behind this production I didn’t really expect it to take many risks, but what we have so far is a competent product.

@_raafagarcia: Sword Art Online AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaah *u*

I don’t know if this person is scared of Sword Art Online, or did they just wet themselves. It’s important to make the distinction.

‏@uppfinnarn: > generic design > “you’re not gonna die” > “I’m gonna protect you all” yeah. That’s gonna work. #SwordArtOnline

Hey, give the generics a break! They have a right to live too!

‏@utopianmae: Watching #SwordArtOnline all I want to do is yell….you fricking noobs, wtf you going in that room. But then I remember I am not raid leader

I think Kirito did the same thing. They still ended up dying. Noobs will be noobs I guess.

@JesuOtaku: #SwordArtOnline episode 3 is really good so far. ^O^ Maybe it’s not total schlock? XD I don’t care, it’s enjoyable so far. ^U^ ❤

So I want to analyze this emoticons. ^O^ must be a man with a big mout. ^U^ must be a man with a big nose. Am I correct?

@shinn87: You find yourself in a room with a treasure chest, look down, now back up, the room is now full of monsters #SAO

Then what? I want to know how it ends!

@7van: It’s a shame that Sword Art Online lacks confidence to rely on its settings to tell the story. Offensively boring plot to say the least #SAO

Remember what they say… A good offense is the best defense. I don’t know how that had anything to do with the above tweet.

@DoomTheDevil: #SAO being trapped in a video game doesnt sound that bad for me! #Anime

Then you get hungry.

@HappiLeeErin: Sword Art Online hasn’t blown me away yet, but I’ve had numerous goosebumps moments already. And the soundtrack is so good! #SwordArtOnline

Asuna turns me on, but I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing.

@asuna_yuki: 君、なんか隠してるでしょう。だっておかしいもの。普通、片手剣の最大のメリットって盾を持てることじゃない。でも、キリト君が盾持ってるとこ見たことない。……あやしいなぁ #SwordArtOnline

Google Translate: Will have hidden something, you. Funny thing because. Usually not be able to have a shield What the biggest benefit of Sword. But you’ve never seen Kirito Toko has a shield. I …… # SwordArtOnline suspicious

That was the dirtiest comment I have ever translated. I felt dirty after reading this. Before posting this I was thinking about replacing some words, but that would ruin my journalistic credibility.

People still seem to polarized by this anime. Either you’re crazy about it or you hate it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just don’t see how the content of this show so far could be so polarizing. It covers inoffensive topics and themes that generally anyone can relate to. Sure at times it could be a bit emotional, but you would be too if you were stuck in a video game.

In the second episode, Kirito had to deal with death within the context of idealism. Diabel died to become a martyr, a rallying point for those behind him to strive upwards to the top of the tower. Death in the third outing hits much closer to home. For our hero, it’s a much more personal journey this time, having to see those that put faith in him disappear. It’s an important step in the growth of the lead character that teaches him how to deal with the realities of the virtual world their in.

3 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 3

  1. Man, I think you totally misread Diabel’s death. He didn’t die to be a martyr. He died in a moment of pure greed. And his death, far from uniting people, is what fractured the raid group, leaving someone else (ultimately Kirito) to try to clean up the mess, or at least limit the damage.

    I also think the biggest lesson to be learned by Kirito from Sachi is that living in constant fear of dying is not life. And even giving someone else hope that there’s more than just dying can free someone to actually live, instead of just waiting for death. And that is valuable and affirming. The only thing I think could have been better about this episode was more showing that Sachi had starting living like that, rather than just telling us, but ultimately, there are time constraints, and getting through this story faster was better than slower.

    • I guess I am looking at Diabel’s death from his intentions. I don’t think his death was meant to fracture the raid group. At the end of the day I have faith that he wanted to act as a unifying force.
      I agree with your statement about Sachi and didn’t explore it in this article. But I do believe that there are shades of depth in this series that are being overlooked by the casual viewer.

      • Those intentions were definitely there in forming the raid group. And maybe those were his intentions anyway. He expected one move from the boss, and instead got another one. But it’s hard to attribute his solo attack at the end to anything other than greed, which he even admits while dying.

        I think a lot of the depth in any series is overlooked by most viewers. Of course, there are some series that go deeper than I want to look at them (Jintai from this season strikes me this way). But a lot of the discussion about SAO gets derailed not on what the depths of the anime are, but on the depths of the LNs. And while I think that going to source material is good sometimes, other times it is confusing, and even contradictory. One of the arguments I have found very poor about this series is that the LN proponents complain about the anime watchers finding holes, or examining things that are presented in the anime, and coming to a different conclusion than the information that’s presented in the LN. To me that doesn’t go very far as an explanation, and I think that it’s perfectly valid to comment and critique on what’s presented, and also to judge the quality of just the anime on what the anime does and doesn’t do. I’m fine with “There are more explanation in the books, so read them if you like.” I’m not fine with “Well, it was all explained in the books like so, so if you come to a different conclusion based on different information, you’re just wrong.”

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