Kokoro Connect Weekly Update – Episode 3

Kokoro Connect tells us why it’s the most underrated show airing now.

God damn. Shit just got real. I love episodes that give attention to members of the cast that have been a bit camera shy. Yui, who has been the least interesting member of the group, has made a splash. Actually it’s more of a tsunami. She was a victim of attempted rape.

Dealing with sensitive topics such as rape is difficult for any medium, especially today. Throwing around ideas like that put your work at risk of being called ignorant or obtuse. While it might add valuable story elements to the tale, you might alienate a whole segment of your viewership. Sometimes the gamble just isn’t worth it. It’s easier to throw in some blood, guts and death to give the illusion your work is ‘mature’.

Kokoro Connect doesn’t even bat an eyelash. Framed amongst all the body switching is a vividly real world where cruelty is commonplace. Our characters react in ways that feel believable, not drenched in melodramatic hyperbole that we’re used to. Sure there is a bit of angst and tears mixed in but its understandable. Feelings of betrayal and sadness would probably be slightly magnified under duress of soul swapping.

While Yui was definitely the headliner, Taichi has finally come into his own. On first impression, he was a character that seemed to generate interest based on his interactions with his fellow classmates. The third outing didn’t change that, rather it evolved his role. He acts as sort of a necessary plot device. His presence glues the group together, pulling strands of each individual stories together.

Inaba has turned out to be the most cryptic out of the group. Her intentions or motivations aren’t exactly clear, but she seems to care a lot for her friends. Feelings of concern seemed to be filtered filtered by her frigid personality, making her seem harsh.

Nothing exactly wrong with this weeks episode.

Kokoro Connect continues to build on it’s formula week in and week out. How long can it keep this up? Will it be able to surprise us for each of its installments? Expectations have risen for what was supposed to be a quaint slice of life with some supernatural elements thrown in for fun. I’m excited at the prospects of this plot… let’s hope it doesn’t let us down.

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