Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 4

The World Music Festival is upon us! Encore! Encore!

Konatsu and crew’s fourth outing has been my favorite since the premier. Honestly, I can’t help but smile when watching this show. Sticking to its guns the writing doesn’t lose any of its subtlety or charm. The passive script gently nudges the action along while threading together the relationships of various members of the cast. None of these personalities might be memorable in their own right, but they have a magnetic chemistry as a group.

With the appearance of the Condor Queens, a band venerated by young Konatsu, this week’s story felt tinged by a fairy tail mystique. Wakana’s mother, who helped the Queens write their first hit, perpetuates an arcane charisma in the few brief flashbacks that we see her. A soft glow radiates from her features, painting the portrait of a goddess long gone, but not long forgotten.The music in this episode bubbled with her magic beckoning notes from far off places such as Hawaii and Mexico.

While the celestial references might seem a bit too much, the plot has gleamed she’s the string pulling the plot along. Much like dusting off an old painting, a bit more is revealed every week. Holding back the reveal of Wakana’s mother’s importance to the story as whole has been vital to keep interest in the story. While the mystery might not be as tantalizing as say Hyouka, it gives the viewer enough to chew on from week to week.

Tari Tari, why could you not be the Glee I imagined you to be! Sorry I just wish there was a bit more focus on the music. Even though this episode was the main stage for the World Music Festival, the viewers aren’t treated to a complete performance by either the Condor Queens or the rebel choir club. It’s a shame considering the seiyuu have some singing chops.

There was nothing ugly about this outing, just some good clean summer fun at the beach.

6 thoughts on “Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. The post has the wrong title 😉

    Tari Tari is a really nice show. I like how it keeps it interesting, but isn’t some super deep story. Just one to sit back and enjoy.

    I don’t mind that it’s not a musical. That’s an awful lot of time to give up in multiple shows. I’d rather they have a few good songs like the one at the end of Episode 2.

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