Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 4

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita tumbles into it’s fourth week, one panel at a time. Last week we were introduced to a new character with some flamboyance, Y. She has been a hit with her boisterous attitude neatly complementing Ms.Sweets. Is part two of their adventure still hype worthy?

@lord_jagganath: with this arc over, i hope we can see more biting commentary on the state of being. #jintai

To be or not to be? That is the question. They have already covered Shakespeare in the show, so I am hoping they continue the trend. They need to go Hamlet in the hamlet… Okay bad pun. Moving on.

@bobbypriambodo: #Jintai was awesome. Am having eargasm from the seiyuus. Nakahara Mai-san saikou!

When you start excreting liquids from your ears is when you need to go to consult your Doctor. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita is not for everyone. Side Effects include new Twitter Avatars, Quoting Ms.Sweets, and a penchant for making sarcastic remarks.

@ZephyrRz: *ranking drops* “I guess people actually like it when there’s a real story.” “That can’t be it!!!” (alright I’ll stop now.) #jintai

When you run out of things to tweet… Quote.

@woxxy: The #jintai girl is absolutely NOT waifu material, I’d die listening to her sarcastic comments all day.

Hmm… Fuck the real world or match.com. All I need Crunchyroll to find my next girl.

@linkington: If you get cancelled, you’re doomed without marketable skills and have to take on the family business. #jintai

When you run out of things to tweet… Quote. Damn the creativity level on these posts have severely dropped.

@De_JaY: So #Jinrui made me basically watch a manga…

Jinrui made me eat my vegetables. I guess the show has a mean streak going on. Who would have thought storybook art could be so coercive.

@hachikurooo: Man Jintai needs to see what Togashi does. He can publish some scribbles and call it a ‘manga’ and still be popular as fuck. #jinrui

Jinrui needs to marry the lady that made Sailor Moon for reals.

@tsundereblog: I actually really like the ED for #jinrui.

So I just quoted this person because I have an odd fetish that involves tsunderes… Don’t ask.

@Watashi_fake: まあ、ありがたいことということで。神さまどーも #jintai 人類は衰退しました #watashibot

Google Translate: Well, thankfully mean that. # Watashibot Domo # jintai mankind God was the decline

What the hell!… Did this person just say that Jinrui would cause God to disappear! That’s some serious shit.

People are still going nuts for this series. It isn’t letting up any of its steam and is slowly snowballing into the most massive success this season. It’s impressive considering a show like this would only appeal to a niche audience. But somehow #Jintai has managed to capture our hearts. Other than the phenomenal art direction and sound production, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita has content that is layered. For the casual viewer, you appreciate the slapstick humor and the dramedy. For those looking for a bit more, the series scatters morsels between each line. This week, while taking look at mainstream media consumption, the episode also made a few comments about creative process and story development. The fluid writing for the series easily flows between the two nuances of the subject at hand without losing its characteristic snark. Here’s looking toward Ms.Sweet’s next adventure!

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