Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 4

Cream puffs remain the forté of Who is Imouto.

Boobs. Allow me to present the following evidence.

This episode really had me on the edge of my seat. So many twists! Well, except they were so bad it wasn’t even funny.

  • Shougo, I am your sister! Psych! I just wanted to be your sister.
  • Shougo, I am your long-lost childhood friend! Oh, and we’re also engaged.
  • Oh, the funeral? Nah, that was neither of us. IMOUTO IS STILL OUT THERE!

Honestly, my reactions as I was watching the episode consisted of “What is this I don’t even”. Oh, and also “TITS!” whenever we got the obligatory closeups of the aforementioned. I actually would have really liked to see interesting developments with how the characters interact in the future when it was “revealed” that Konoe is Shougo’s “sister”, but then they just had to go and make her not actually related. And then the whole thing with Miyabi just came out of left field. I would write this show off as one of those incest shows that pussies out and takes the “not related route”, but supposedly imouto is still lurking out there waiting to have Shougo’s babies. Of course, I probably shouldn’t have expected that much from a show like this in the first place, but we can always hope.

We’re seriously still going to play the “who is imouto” game? Granted that is the whole premise of the show, but I really thought it would have been much more interesting to pull off the reveal straight up and proceed from there. Did you think the poor excuse for drama and the “anticipation” of possible incest is what’s attracting us? No. We’re just here for the boobs. Well, I have to take that back. I’m fairly certain there are those who are watching precisely for the incest factor.

2 thoughts on “Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. Yeah, I don’t quite get where the show thinks it’s going to go from here. You have the two favorite girls, who they’ve spent all the time on. And now they both definitively claim they’re not “imouto”. Meanwhile, they show 5 girls in the OP and ED as part of the harem, but they’ve barely even had Shougo *talk* to Rinka, Mana, and Mei, much less start any sort of romance with them. He’s been too busy with naked Konoe, Miyabi, and Ikusu in his room. And of course, now he’s blabbed the whole plot to the rest of the cast.

    The show will really need to do something to get any of the other girls into the picture. Of course, this is a harem show, and they’ve been known to take a hard u-turn for no good reason halfway through (Looking at YOU, again, Mashiroiro Symphony).

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