Deep Dive into Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 4

So on today’s Deep Dive into Natsuyuki Rendezvous we’ll be taking a look at a lighter subject: dating. We’ve all been on at least one (hopefully) and more likely than not, we’ve gone on one that’s gone terribly wrong. Now this won’t be an article on the perfect date. Making general statements that I want you take as objectively true for a topic as complex as dating would be ignorant on my part. I am a firm believer in that every person that you go out with has a different idea of what the perfect date is. For me, as long as I have a full stomach, I am a happy camper. But this article will include general guidelines that have helped me throughout my more formative years.

Now for our boy Hazuki, it could have gone worse I suppose. His main goal was to get Rokka to genuinely smile. Sure he did accomplish his objective, but at the expense of his dignity. When a girl says having sex with you is out of the question, you know you have a long way to go.

If you’re going to have a successful date it’s important to do a self-assessment of yourself. Since I am a guy, I’ll speak from a guy’s perspective. For all those looking to date someone of the male persuasion, this advice should work for him as well:

  • Do you like her? The better question is are you attracted to her and in what way? Do you like talking to her? Or do you just like looking at her while your talking to her. This will help you set your goals for the date. If you’re physically attracted, you might want to focus on getting to know her to build up some intellectual attraction. And if you like talking to her… don’t just sit there and stare at her… It won’t build physical attraction.
  • What’s your budget? Honestly this isn’t that big of deal as long as you don’t take her to an utter dump. Remember to stay within whatever amount you set. If things go well you want to be able to take her out again.
  • How do you want the night to end? Do you want to get invited up? Do you want to kiss her? Do you just want to get called back for a second date? You have to make an assessment of where you’re relationship is with you’re date. If you just met her, maybe you should keep your expectations low. If you have been on a few dates at this point, maybe it’s time for you to lock it in.

Once you’ve figured that out it’s time to plan your date. An amusement park, in my knowledge, is not a good idea. Sometimes if she has more ‘balls’ than you, she might want to get on roller coasters that you can only politely refuse. For the most part, I’ve found museums, shopping and bars to be the best dates. They’re very conducive to conversation and usually offer a topic to discuss when you’ve run out of ideas. Just doing a meal is a bit one-dimensional and forces you to converse when you might have nothing to say. Sometimes you need to draw attention away from yourself to recollect your plan of action.

My best dates have hands down been at the bar:

  1. Beer is a great way to take the edge off and make both people comfortable.
  2. Customers at the bar are always fun to hang around or make fun of.
  3. Playing Pool or Darts gives you something to do in between rounds.
  4. Bar food is delicious.
  5. Sometimes there’s an area to dance so you can start getting your freak on.

Note: Even if you find a go-to first date, sometimes it’s best to change up your game plan based on the girl. If you’re date is vegetarian, don’t get steak.

The final step of the date is usually going on it. I am no expert in getting a girls panties off with a single glance, but I will give you one piece of advice that has helped me tremendously when meeting new girls. Don’t be yourself… Be your best self. Remember to trim your beard, cut your nails, brush your teeth, and to iron your clothes. No one wants someone who looks like they were peeled from filthy back alley corner. Be confident in yourself and be a gentleman without being a tool. Finding a balance is the best way to make a great impression. But don’t be disheartened if things don’t go your way. The sea holds untold bounty.

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