Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 16

Haru enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!

Sky Raker was an exceptionally interesting character for a series that make it a habit to keep dull company. Now don’t get too excited, while she’s a cut above rest, there isn’t much competition. Taking on the role of a spiritual guide and mentor, the wheelchair ridden Burst Linker has an interesting past. Known for her jumping ability, she was the avatar that was closest to sky before Haru came along with his silver wings in tow. She promises Haru that she’ll teach him how to fly again. A tall order from one that only managed to jump extraordinarily high. Her calm is much like Kuroyuki’s, but her detached personality is of a warmer hue. She’s instantly likable and I hope she plays a bigger part in future episodes.

This was a rather boring episode. Haru literally spent most of the episode punching a wall. It’s what people from MMO world would call grinding. Now maybe I am not the audience intended to connect with scenes like this considering I have never played a massively multiplayer game for more than eighteen minutes, but I can see how this could draw a reaction from them.

Haru’s insecurities bubble up again over the course of the episode. It’s refreshing to see him deal with these issues alone instead of piggybacking on the emotional foundation of his friends. It’s a conversation we’ve heard time and again and doesn’t advance the main character in any way.

I never thought I would say this, but I really do hope Kuroyuki comes back soon. The cast is floundering without her strong personality to peg each of them in place.

I’m hoping the series doesn’t degrade back into its tepid form of storytelling. The excitement of the previous two installments has been afflicted with the show’s signature passivity. With so few episodes left, Accel World can’t waste it’s time like this. I’m hoping that this is the calm before the storm of great episodes.

One thought on “Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 16

  1. This show got me back into AW. Episode 15 got so bad that I turned it off after 5 minutes. After hearing others say that it got better at the end, I gave the end another try (going from where Ash Roller came in), and found it a lot better. But episode 16 was the kind I really like. Positive, progression, and the addition of a great character. Also, the complete lack of crappy guys like Noumi. I also liked the return of Haru thinking things through, rather than just giving up.

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