Become Anime’s Next Top Blogger!

Well everyone we’ve had a crazy two weeks here at the GoKart. While we are behind on a few articles it’s because I’ve been on a small vacation and Sumarii has lost his internet for a bit of time. He will be back shortly I promise. We will be all updated by Wednesday or Thursday hopefully so keep an eye out for more of our articles!

But with the updates aside, lets take a look at Anime’s Next Top Blogger, our competition to find the next writer for We’re looking for our fourth and final writer to make up the Sushi GoKart Team. So are you a motivated individual with a passion for writing? Then send us your application!

Your Application Should Include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Age and Experience Watching Anime
  • Two Writing Samples of an Anime Review or Editorial. It can be content you have posted elsewhere
  • A picture of a character you want to represent you.
  • A small paragraph on why you watch Anime.

Please email all your applications to :

Competition Format:

  • We will pick 5 male writers and 5 female writers for our 10 week competition.
  • Each week a different challenge will be held, from writing reviews to designing a logo.
  • Each competition will be judged by 3 judges who will be named during the first week of competition.
  • The judges will select competitors to be part of the bottom 3, who are in danger of being eliminated
  • A vote will be placed to the audience for 48 hours to see who is eliminated
  • After 10 weeks we shall have a winner and SushiGoKart’s next blogger!

Remember to send your applications to

Applications are due by August 15th, 2012

8 thoughts on “Become Anime’s Next Top Blogger!

  1. Hmm…I’m interested in it, but I’ve only been anime blogging for a little less than a year now and I think I still have some growing to do. But I love the concept of this contest and I hope you find a good 4th Writer!

  2. I’d apply if O-New wasn’t floundering but a) O-New is floundering b) sorry 😥

    Still, having so many contestants might be a bit difficult to gather. I’ll help spread the word a bit, but I mean, your blog’s only what three, four months old? orz

  3. Oh this is fun! If this were 2 years ago, I would definitely apply. Today, I have not nearly enough time to write on a schedule. But yea, it would be awesome to see how tbis plays out.

    Good luck running this thing, and I look forward to seeing the new Sushi blogger!

    Love the judging plus audience format. ^ ^

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