Kokoro Connect Weekly Update – Episode 4

Kokoro Connect is a stock that is on the rise!

This series has seduced me. Certain aspects of the storytelling have begun to irk me, but I refuse to let it hinder my enjoyment of this exceptional show. Last week was the first time we dove into the quilted history of the crew, with Taichi as our guide. In the latest outing, he has cemented himself as the ‘hero’, selflessly taking on the problems and insecurities of his friends. Instead of resting on the laurels of this trope, the ramifications of his position are explored by Inaba and Iori this episode.

Being the ‘selfless freak’ that he is, Taichi has a duty to save his friends. Whether that duty is extended by friendship or just a fact of his personality comes into question. While no clear answer is given, he believes that both are important to defining who he is as a person. He’s learned to accept the benefits of his demeanor and is not blind to the possible drawbacks. Inaba jokingly states that the ‘selfless freak’ has to deal with all the girls falling for him.

Identity has become the ribbon that wraps the show together philosophically. Iori peels away yet another layer of her issues in her discussion with Taichi. She has had five fathers in her life. Each one acted as a stencil for her to draw her personality into, making sure to copy the parts that they loved. All she wanted was acceptance from each new man in her mothers life. Whether it is a product of her own idiosyncrasies or the love for her mother isn’t explained. Living with the mantles of different personas on your shoulders is trying. Iori doesn’t know what to do now that the mantle has been ripped off. Spending so much time acting has left her own personal definition blank.

Camouflaged with the guise of a typical slice of life: a bright palette, charming characters and a bubbly opening sequence, Kokoro Connect hides its darker themes well. The body switching is more than a comedic device, its philosophical one that drives the story to become greater than a sum of its parts.

I dont really have anything negative to say about this show but there is one thing I do find ugly…

Inaba really needs to get a comb for her hair. She could have a great look if she took some tips from Yui or Iori. Taichi would be all up on her! But honestly, I really hope Kokoro Connect doesn’t turn into a quasi-harem with the three girls and our lord and savior Taichi. He’s a great character and shows a lot more personality than most male leads, but the cliche would ruin the mature storytelling up till this point.
P.S. Some dialogue can be a bit dramatic, but they way they are capped off is sheet genius.

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