Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 4

Behold the power of tsun!

The Bouncy Monsters of the Week show continues with Lisara battling against Ilya’s chest again… er… I mean, with Lisara and crew fighting against another green blob monster, this time on the roof of the school. And while that’s happening, Ilya is trying to seduce Ryousuke into breaking his contract with Lisara and making one with her instead. In the end, though, Ryousuke realizes that it takes more than a large rack to really turn him on, and Ilya turns out to be the insincere schemer we all figured she was. With Lisara in desperate need of an energy refill to keep fighting, Ryousuke offers his energy, but pride prevents Lisara from accepting his energy, until she realizes it’s not because of Ilya’s bra size advantage that he’s turned on. And with another big powerup, she easily beats the monster, and at the same time vanquishes Ilya’s oppai, which turn out to be enhanced by demonic padding.

Given that everyone pretty much watches this show for the fanservice, the good would have to start with, as usual, the fight sequence that once again leaves most of the female cast in various states of undress. But I saw a couple other things that I liked as character development. First, Ryousuke is suitably embarrassed at his reaction to Ilya, and Quele gets impressed at his chivalry. Second, the relationship between Lisara and Ryousuke seems to be getting closer, as she realizes that maybe he’s not “just” a pervert.  We’ll see how that continues to develop in the future. I also find the male leads’s pervy lines to be funny. Sure they’re juvenile, but isn’t that what this show is about?

The bad is that this show isn’t making as much progress as anyone would like. There’s a lot of complaining, justified I think, that it’s pretty much the same show each week. One of these fights, Lisara is going to have to make it without a mid-fight powerup from Ryousuke, and we’ve seen how her energy-spending fighting style consistently gets her drained. Also bad is how long it’s taking Lisara to realize what everyone else – Quele, probably Ilya, and the entire audience – has figured out already: Ryousuke is the big source of energy that was detected at the school. I think we’re all used to harem animes that have this kind of thick-headedness from the main characters, but it would be nice to have something different for a change.

The ugly is going to be the large number of people who drop this show soon if it doesn’t get a little more engaging or at least a little less repetitive. I still like it, but I have a lot more tolerance for that kind of repetition (and I’m not giving up any show with Aya Endou as a main character). But that’s not enough for a lot of people.

One thought on “Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. “Given that everyone pretty much watches this show for the fanservice, ”

    Lies and slander my friend, I watch this series for…for…for…”the deep character development and the intricate backstory”…

    /me tries to convince himself…

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