Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 4

So Sword Art Online has suffered some controversy recently. The now infamous Chapter 16.5 has been removed from Baka-Tsuki.net, a repository for light novel translations. Why you may ask? Because it is a fantastically poorly written fapfic where Asuna is degraded as a woman. Some of the descriptions are just comical. I don’t whether to blame the original author or the person translating the fiction. If you would like to read this I can post it up. Let me know in the comments. Now on to the tweets!

@LiSA_OLiVE: 夜の部来てくださった皆様、共演させていただいたキャストさま、アーティストさま、スタッフの皆様、とっても幸せな時間を、ありがとうございましたーっ!!そんでもって今日はソードアートオンライン(#SAO) 第四話の放送ですよーっ!!

Google Translate: tl;dr

What the hell! Google, how the hell can you get lazy at the beginning of my post! I need you to be the fuel for my terrible comedic writing. Now I have nothing. The world is lost.

@yatlax: kirito is such a player and he doesnt even realise it #swordartonline #sao

Can you blame him? Even if he has sex in the game, he won’t lose his virginity. It will just give him the ‘feeling’ that he did. At the end of the day, it’s just glorified cyber sex with polygons and neural sensors and stuff.

@anya_fennec: Why put a dead girl that only existed for one episode in the OP -_- #SAO

Why not. Sankarea put a dead girl in the opening. Or do you have a problem with the one episode part of the clause.

@GEOrassic: Even if I stay lost, my feelings will always, always echo loudly deep in my heart #SAO

Now I don’t know where this feeling came from. But I closed my eyes while I watched the episode, and something truly did echo deeply in my heart.

@orekisexual: all the tabs open on my browser are all entitled “Sword Art Online” wth

This show is trying to take over your computer. Don’t buy the Blu-Rays when they come out! It will take over your life… bit by bit.

@Coriimon: Wow, Sword Art Online is… disappointing. Also started watching Persona 4 Animation in anticipation for #P4U. MC is pretty lulzy.

Now how can your opinion oppose the status quo! Do you want to be excommunicated from twitter?

@Shurimpu: Sword Art Online is the new Naruto

Now… Hmm. I am try to make a comment. There is a deep philosophical statement being made here. I just know it. Maybe I should just watch more Anime.

@krizzlybear: I’m only watching Sword Art Online because of the cute girls. They are quite MMOe

Finally a tweet that I can sink my teeth into. Yum.

Another side story has been transcribed from the light novels for the fourth outing. This setup is a bit more enjoyable than the rapid pacing of the light novels. These small episodes from Kirito’s lower levels help develop him as a character. While nothing of note occurred in this episode, it was cute. Sword Art Online continues to be a series that doesn’t disappoint.


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