The Week That Was #3

La storia della Arcana Famiglia – Episodes 4 and 5

If you’re still watching this series, then you probably like the way they’ve been constructing it after the almost hopeless second and third episodes. The last two weeks’ developments have featured Liberta and Nova respectively, and both were a lot more engaging than the previous two episodes had been. Getting some actual background on these characters was a lot better than the seemingly random filler / no story episodes. We learn a lot more about the Arcana powers that Liberta and Nova have, and the consequences they’ve had due to lack of control. We also learn about the awfulness of each of their ‘family’ situations. I doubt we can expect similar depth of back story for the other male characters, since it’s pretty obvious that these two are the main suitors for Felicita, but I think we can expect a little more about the other characters in the weeks coming up.

Temperature: Thawing

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode 4

Since they reused the footage, we can reuse the picture. This week continued with the battle of the cock…atrice. After Big-Damn-Hero Akatsuki shows up to save all the girls, he then lies in wait to find the true culprit behind the overpowered monster attack.  In a not particularly surprising turn, it’s the guy who was getting bullied earlier, Tanaka, who is a lot stronger than he was letting on. After a fairly typical fight, the bad guy is defeated with the assistance of the Student Council President. They did manage to work in the week’s sexual harassment with a shower scene, but otherwise, it was still a pretty poor episode.

Temperature: Cold

2 thoughts on “The Week That Was #3

  1. La storia della Arcana Famiglia: BEST PICTURE EVER dat ass…anyway that series is fine and all, but what the hell is with the drama? It seems like Felicia is starting to chase away the guys at least the Nova and Liberta…unless that is how things have to go so they eventually get over their issues?

    Hagure Yuusha: Yeaaaah that series is getting ZzzzzzZzzzz I am still blogging it, but damn what is going on with that series? I don’t mind the over the top fanservice because at times it can be hilarious xD

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