Deep Dive into Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 5

Letting go is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But for Rokka, it is especially difficult considering how her husband was torn away from her. Sometimes it looks as if Hazuki really doesn’t have a shot, damned to the darkest corners of Shimao’s shadow. Surprisingly though, Rokka has been getting over her significant other, taking small steps that heal the soul in leaps and bounds.

In an article from Suite 101, moving on consists of first facing your memories and reconciling what they mean to you as an individual. They prescribe six simple steps:

  1. Tap into your memories by writing or drawing about them. Letting yourself explore you’re relationship in different ways might give you a different perspective on the nature of that relationship.
  2. Remember the past and relive those moments in your mind. However painful this exercise is, it teaches you how the experiences you had are an integral part of you or your identity as a person.
  3. Talk to the people that were involved in your relationship, such as friends or family.
  4. Confess your true feelings. Don’t edit out any shame or guilt that you have. Without being honest you can’t ever ┬álearn to accept the current state of things.
  5. Ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you might have made or are making because of either what your did or what you are doing because of you’re breakup.
  6. Don’t let your urges take over you. Sometimes you just want to drink your problems away. Learn to get help with those issues.

Rokka, while she isn’t completely over her late husband, she is making headway to help figure out her situation. Lets take a look at each step and see how she is making the right moves to give our young hero a chance.

Step 1

After Shimao’s death we see Rokka obsessively working at the store without any real break. She has become absorbed in her hobby and passion. For her gardening and arranging flowers is a form of self-expression and release. The first step doesn’t necessarily call for an individual to vent their feelings through traditional means.

Step 2

By going to the amusement park Rokka begins to relive her last happy moments with Shimao before she becomes sick. She is relearning how fun those moments were and how she should look to create new ones, even if it is with a different person.

Step 3

Rokka maintains contact with her sister-in-law Miho. From what it seems, she spent a lot of time with Rokka and Shimao. Miho is both a memory of a past long gone and an agent of change in her life. We see her acting to help Rokka. This a positive driving force that Rokka needs if she is to move on.

Step 4 + 5

Rokka is very candid with Hazuki. She lets him know what she feels about the situations they are in or how it ties back to her husband. She asks for forgiveness for the helplessness she feels when it comes to the subject of relationships. An open nature will help build the foundation for a relationship grounded in comfort.

Step 6

Maybe this one is more for Hazuki. He needs to cut back on the cigarettes.

It’s important to understand that Rokka has been through a lot considering her husband. He was the anchor in her life. For now she is still floating about aimlessly. Hopefully Hazuki can reel her back in onto safer shores. Well at least when he gets his body back.

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