Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 17


Looks like the Accel World just got real. 

I hate it when Accel World tickles my fan boy fancy, blurring my discerning vision. Now I wouldn’t call myself the harshest critic, but I like to show a smidgen of analytic thought. Cliffhangers happen to be one of my weaknesses and this weeks episode had a shocker. Now I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t watched the episode, but regardless of the quality of this week’s outing, if you’re a fan get to it. The ending throws a much needed wrench into the mechanics of each forthcoming episodes and I’m looking forward to where they drive these points home.

Other than the startling conclusion, the action was on point. Sunrise knows how to piece together a striking sequence, filled with colors and explosions that pop off the screen. The aerial flurry between Haru and Nomi was awe inspiring as the two danced about in the air. At this point in the series I want the battles to get bigger, and this was a nice taste of what’s hopefully to come. Nomi hints at there being others like him, who exploit the benefits of Accel World to their own ends. While this would be the archetypical battle between the old and new, this series has shown it has struggled at even executing tropes properly. Sticking close to a prewritten script might be just what it needs to save itself.

While the last few moments made this episode, the first twenty three minutes didn’t really push the plot forward in any meaningful manner. The fight seemed to only exist to take up some time and to show off Haru’s new Gale Thruster. I was hoping they would hold off on him using Sky Raker’s ability for a while till they built up a bit more tension between Haru and Nomi. For now, I think this rivalry won’t get much deeper without the presence Kuroyuki, whose vacation is about to come to an end.

Without the cliffhanger, the best part of this episode would have been Kuroyuki in a bathing suit.  Why can’t she have a bit more personality! Looks are not the only thing a man like me desires! I want a girl that has a sense of humour and can make me laugh, not just push me to grind in a videogame!

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