Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 5

Fan service! This week dishes up two hot scenes with Erica and Yuri, both barely clad with their blooming bosoms covered only by a few strands of hair. How could this be a bad episode? In fact it had me so riled up I decided to take some screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

I’d love some Erica in the morning.

And some Yuri at night!

After the residual excitement had finally worn off I was left with a slightly confusing and utterly bland episode. A crash from the cheapest of highs.

Diving and tumbling through the show’s plot is becoming tiring.  We’re introduced to another Campione, Salvatore, in a short sequence near the end of the episode. Apparently he and Godou had face off before while he was still in Italy. The editing of the show’s story has been poor at best, skipping over key details in the original narrative, leading to choppy pacing and expanding plot holes.

So first it was Erica… Now its Yuri. It’s not that Yuri’s feelings are unfounded. Scenes throughout the show anchor her reasons to like Godou. I’m just flabbergasted that Erica tells him to seduce and use her as long as Yuri is the only other girl in his life. How could she let her pride be tarnished in such a way? If anything, the blonde haired vixen has proven to be possessive of her Campione. This sort of degradation in character is a symptom of the harem-building objective of the show. The writers are trying to introduce new women into Godou’s life at the expense of both the plot and any characterization they have built up for their cast. The strong identity that held together Erica has been tossed away for a weak, subservient cog in Anime’s favorite plot device.

She’s still hot as hell though, so I guess she has something going for her.

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