Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 5

Asuna is finally back with a vengeance! How did she become so badass in such a short amount of time. She completely whips Kirito into line. So much for being a beater, she just doesn’t give a fuck. Everyone agrees, the show desperately missed our red haired vixen. 

@kaitou_al: Asuna, did no one tell you not to walk over people when they’re lying down? You’re not wearing your cloak right now. #summer2012anime#sao

I don’t think if she even wore her cloak it would help her with that little problem you’re talking about. But then again a little naughtiness never hurt anyone right. 

@ShashiChan: This is how #SAO (Sword Art Online) goes: Introduce new character(s). Kill new character(s) the very same episode.

Hey Sword Art Online is hardcore! It circumvents having to develop multiple characters by killing them off at opportune moments or making them unavailable for large parts of the narrative! Talk about smart!

@rednotion: Wth! #SAO you usually leave me with a completed episode NOT A CLIFFHANGER

Et tu Brutus? How could #SAO betray you like that… Everyone boycott the series next week so we don’t find out what happens!

‏@thesixthstar: @rednotion #sao is the most promising series this season undoubtedly. GC makes me cry. so much potential but ugh what happened

Why are we still talking about how bad Guilty Crown is? We all know that it is a masterpiece beyond comparison. Sure Sword Art Online is good, but it is no Guilty Crown. 

@tenoq: #SAO should have a Halloween event where models of the dead players become ghostly NPCs and follow people on their friendslist.

What if they had no friends? Do they just haunt themselves? That would be like ghostly masterbation. 

@sigure21: つか、一番残念なのはアスナの私服のくだりがなかったこと。 あのくだりのアスナビジュアルがなかったからアニメで観れると思ってたのに。。。>< #SAO

Google Translate: Or two, it is most unfortunate that there was no plain clothes downstream of Asuna. I thought I can watch in the anime did not have the visual of the downlink that Asuna. . . > <# SAO

Oh my… This a dirty post that reveals someone’s inner desires for Asuna… downstream. Whatever that means it must be kinky! I want an Asuna downstream if you get my drift…

@RDAwesome: Sword Art Online, don’t. Don’t make eye contact with Binbougami Ga!, just get in. Shh, just get in, okay? Come on, let’s go.

I don’t know how I feel about kidnapping Anime, or how this metaphor actually works. But my interpretation is that somehow Sunrise will come and kill all the A-1 production staff and take over SAO and turn it into Sacred Seven II. ( A dream come true ),

@cam_kun: sword art online episode 5? more like really nice butts episode 5

I know right! That random girl that gets killed, the camera just zooms in -on her big round butt! Here’s a screen shot for all of you! Check it out! 

While we’re still in side story territory for Sword Art Online, I love that Asuna is finally back. She and Kirito have a great dynamic that really pulls together this episode. I feel the whole mystery angle won’t really be substantive to the story but gives a chance for the pair to come together. It’s obvious to see that both their fates are interconnected in some manner. I like the direction the producers are going, properly adapting scenes for the silver screen. It’s not always necessary to lift all the dialogue from a light novel when you can show the viewers with images. So far so good #SAO.

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