Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 5 & 6

So I took the week off from this series because of my much needed vacation, but we’re back in full force this week. Episode 5 and 6 wasn’t our traditional arc with the craziness toned down a bit, at least by Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita standards. Lets take a look at what people had to say! Double time for last week!

@kurogane_s: Oh dear, Nobuyuki Hiyama is in #jintai this week. I missed that hot-blooded voice 🙂

Is it odd for someone to be turned on by a voice. I believe that is why we have sex-operators. If Nobuyuki could be one, I would dial in daily regardless of the price. Think of all the money he could make. 

@lvlln: Latest #Jintai was very wacky, but the exact right kind for this show. Very WALL-E-ish.

ET phone… Home. Damn I miss my childhood. T’was simpler times. 

@gendomikeThat was one long Star Trek reference in #Jintai 6 wasn’t it?

I think it was more of a NASA reference. What perfect timing considering we just landed on Mars… Well the rover did. I wonder what it’s feeling right now… All alone on that red planet with no privacy. 

@1moy: Shoot you can take home a monolith that will turn into a cat girl robot voiced by Nana Mizuki as long as there is power? Sign me up #jintai

As long as there is no ‘Chobits’ restriction on her then I am good to go. Sorry was that a bit too dirty for my readership? Sorry in advance!

@SplashdownTiger: i did not understand what was happening but DAT SETTING #jintai


@Keikaku_doori: Oh yeah, if there isn’t a second season of Humanity has Declined there will be serious disappointment. #jintai

Plot twist for the second season of #Jintai… We learn the name of the protagonist! Oh my look at all that character development. 

@bobbypriambodo: What keeps me satisfied the most when watching #jintai is Nakahara Mai’s voice, and those of The Fairies.

I feel like the Anime community as a whole does have a fetish for voices. Maybe I should explore more deeply into this phenomenon with my next set of articles: ‘Call Me Maybe: Fetishism in Modern Anime Media’.

@4a4l: hum~ If I tweet: ‘Watashi is cute’ some people might think that… I’m tweeting about myself wwwww #jintai

How can someone be so conceeded! I mean c’mon are you really comparing yourself to one of the best characters the Summer season has to offer! I mean the nerve of this per-… Oh I see what you did there. My bad bro. 

While the other arcs focused more on commentating on society, this set of episodes looked to develop Ms.Sweets as a character. We flash back to before the first outing to find out exactly why Watashi had her hair cut. While we have grown used to her snark comments she does seem to have a heart of gold. Maybe much of her pessimism is brought on by the fact that Humanity has declined. Being a mediator she is constantly exposed to how great the past was, while most of the rest of society sadly lives in ignorance.

The two robots/probes, who I don’t feel will be making another appearance any time soon, were the first set characters that tried to provoke any sort of sympathy from the audience. Emotions are the key to creating an atmosphere, and with all the crazy shenanigans the fairy’s have been pulling, it was hard to feel bad for the state of humanity. Much of the degradation doesn’t really hit the audience because of the casts matter-of-fact atitude. It’s an interesting layer that gives the show another layer of depth.

7 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 5 & 6

  1. Well to be more specific I was thinking of the plot of the first Star Trek movie, where the Voyager probe has become a self-aware, super-intelligent god-being called V’Ger. Not as anthropomorphic as Oyage here though. 🙂

  2. The sentient space probes made me think of this personally:http://xkcd.com/695/
    As for the voice fetish, I remember watching an awful show just because I liked the voice of a certain secondary character. I’m not even that big on voice actors too.

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