Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 15 and 16

It’s a conspiracy!

The culture festival theft arc continues to intrigue me. As I’ve said before, I haven’t exactly agreed with some of Hyouka’s previous “mysteries”. I guess it all depends on the level of investment. Someone stealing equipment from various clubs is generic enough. After all, it’s easy enough for someone to steal something when there’s a large crowd of new faces all over the school grounds. What really caught my attention this time was Oreki’s claim that the whole thing had been planned since the previous year. Of course, I’m not really buying into the whole “the answer was staring them in the face” and “they had been warned” theme that Hyouka seems to be pushing. For one, these kinds of things are only ever “obvious” after the event has taken place, thanks to the wonders of 20/20 hindsight. After all, a brief afterword in an “indie” manga is hardly a good way to publicize a heist, or anything for that matter.

In addition to the latest mystery, I also quite like how they’re developing Satoshi’s character. If I remember correctly, in the first episode he proudly declared himself as a database specialized in gathering data, but not analyzing it. And yet, that’s exactly what he’s been trying to do as of late. Of course, this puts him “at odds” with Oreki (and that random rival-kun no one cares about), if you can even call it that. I suppose deep down inside he really does want to be a detective instead of an info-dumpster? As much as I enjoy watching a silly, happy-go-lucky Satoshi, I find his latest exchanges with Oreki to be far more interesting, and that’s a good thing.

Eru’s terrible attempts at being “persuasive”, which consist of her listing out the points to her “victim”. Well, I guess they were more cute than anything, but I like hating on Eru. I’ll let you decide if that statement was serious or just sarcastic.

Surprisingly, nothing. Perhaps this means Hyouka is really growing on me? I really am finding it more entertaining now.

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