Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 5 and 6

Forget mechs; we have swimsuits!

It seems like only yesterday I was calling Yuuya a horrible failure. Lo and behold, he got the message and changed his attitude surprisingly quickly. Really, if the thing doesn’t work as you expect, it’s only common sense to try and learn to work with it instead of attempting to use brute force to make it obey. But I guess the thing to take away from it all is that Yuuya is one stubborn sunovabitch. At least he can adapt reasonably quickly when forced to, though. And he even gets to whoop Yui’s ass while he’s at it! Truly, the definition of killing two birds with one stone. If this trend keeps up, Yuuya might even become useful in battle. Imagine that! But of course, before anything else happens the regular program must be interrupted with an obligatory beach episode under the guise of strengthening relationships with Russia.

Bitch Yui was more than annoying, but I don’t think I quite like the sudden change in the portrayal of her character. Going from cold and stuck-up to yielding and vulnerable? I guess some people like the contrast? Technically this could count as proper character development through the excuse of revealing her “true” nature, but the change was just so sudden that it came off as slightly jarring to me. The events of episode six seemed to really “put her in her place” rather abruptly, in a completely chauvinistic manner. I don’t mind that they’re so obviously shipping Yui and Yuuya, but breaking down her “strong” image in only a few minutes (and as a result of a sprained ankle, at that) was just too much. What’s next? Are they going to have her throw herself at Yuuya in the next episode “to conserve body heat” while fending off Cryska’s “advances”? Or perhaps she’ll even “allow” Yuuya to have Cryska in the spirit of Campione’s Erica?

The use of a beach episode complete with uninhabited island stranding was obviously generic, but honestly that’s nothing too serious. I’ll take the swimsuits as compensation.

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