Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 5

Lisara's looks as uninterested in Ryousuke's Dictionary reading as the audience.

Lisara wants to get to some action, too.

This week’s Boku H went for more character development than cup size. Ryousuke spends the majority of the episode doing mental training to improve his pervy powers, even to the extent of blowing off Lisara as she works her way through the rest of the “Wondrous Eight”, who, predictably, all turn out to be duds. As Lisara said, as soon as she learned Ryousuke was one of them, she should have realized that would be a dead end.

Also good is that Quele is now a full-fledged harem member. In somewhat of a strange move, tho, she was pretty much Stockholm Syndrome-d into it by Mina. So now she’s smitten with Ryousuke, erupting in a luminescent blush every time he looks at her or she thinks about him.

Finally, we got some arc development with the appearance of the other half of the sword Gram with Ryousuke as he saved Lisara and himself from the tentacle monster. We also got a bit of foreshadowing as Ryousuke rapid-charged from Lisara who warns him that he will damage his soul if he recharges too quickly. That’s sure to come into play later in the series.

While having some character development was good for the show, overall the episode was a bit of a snooze. They fought the same blob-style monster again, although this one dripped acid and was apparently resistant to Lisara’s fire attacks. You’d think she might notice that sometime during the fight, rather than after a triple-powerup and being tentacle-grabbed twice. There was also a lot of talking in this episode, rather than doing. The mental training was less than convincing – memorizing and visualizing a dictionary to get turned on? I guess that’s impressive, in a way, but it’s not exactly something that most of the audience is going to really identify with, and this is a show that, let’s be honest, is supposed to be turning on the audience. The whole concept kind of left me scratching my head.

Another head scratcher was Quele basically getting talked into liking Ryousuke. I’d have preferred that they did more stuff like last week’s realization about his good-heartedness after action, rather than just Mina explaining how great he is. There was one moment like that, but it was swamped under the dictionary stuff.

Like I said last week, the show really isn’t progressing like viewers would want. Now, plenty of shows hit a slow patch around episodes 4 and 5, after the initial thrill of starting the show, and before they get into the meat of the story a little later, and that could certainly be the case here. It feels to me like there’s an interesting story in the show waiting to get a chance to shine, but it’s not yet getting that chance. Hopefully it will show itself soon. There was definitely a lot more characterization this episode, whether you liked how they did it or not. Now they need to do something with it. Ideally, they’d figure out better how to provide characterization through action, not through montages and expository speechifying.

One thought on “Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 5

  1. MC-KUN why are you so freaking awesome? As much as I love uncensored fan service I swear I keep watching because the damn main character makes me laugh so much! It brings back all my lovely memories of the hilarious fun of BenTO! I nominate this guy to voice every comedic main in every anime ❤

    Glasses were epic~

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