Thought Train: Rinne no Lagrange – Episode 15 to 17

Sex makes babies?!

Wow. The last time I heard virginity being brought up as some sort of (arguably) “deciding” factor was in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG. Phew, that’s a mouthful isn’t it? Of course, in hindsight it seems obvious that the topic of sex might be one way to “open” the mysterious Rin-ne, given its association with strong feelings. Still, this is a pretty bold thing to even allude to due to the prevalent social “stigma” that comes with such a topic. Just take a look at how Rinne no Lagrange handled it; a couple sequences of extremely cheesy euphemisms. Sex happens; we just don’t want to think about it. Unless we’re in the mood for fapping or doing the actual deed. And that stuff happens in private. Usually. I guess the real intent here is just to create some shock value out of the fact that mere dirty thoughts can trigger something as dangerous as the Rin-ne. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that all of the Vox pilots are female? Oh, here we go with the gender stereotypes.

The reveal with Yurikano came out of left field, as I thought her “story” was already a thing of the past. Technically it was never confirmed that she died physically, but I’d say it’s a pretty good assumption if you’re caught up in the center of a blast that’s powerful enough to take out a planet. I can understand her desire to prevent Le Garite and De Metrio from destroying each other, but did she honestly believe that sealing herself in Rin-ne to prevent it from being “abused” would stop them? If anything, it seems to have made Dizelmine even more determined (and perhaps just a tad bit twisted). Really, this whole issue is a result of a lot of narrow-mindedness to begin with. Why hadn’t anyone considered that with enough power to destroy a planet, you could instead use that power to just nudge the planets out of the way of each other? As much as I despise the saying for its hypocrisy, these people need to start thinking outside the box.

And now for that cliffhanger. As if Kokoro Connect wasn’t enough, we have more mind-transfer shenanigans this season courtesy of Dizelmine. The process was said to be irreversible, which pretty much guarantees that it can (and will) be reversed, but I do wonder how Madoka and Yurikano will go about it. Interestingly enough, it seems that Yurikano’s “original” personality was what got transfered into Madoka’s body, as opposed to the kiddy amnesia one. Where did the personality come from? Did it somehow get embedded into Madoka’s subconscious during her close-calls with the Rin-ne? I don’t believe it was just lying dormant within YuriYuri since it’s pretty much established that Yurikano did in fact seal herself in the Rin-ne. Also of note is that this entire sequence took place in the complete absence of all three Voces (or is it Voxes?), except for the very end. Does this imply that they aren’t necessary to open the Rin-ne? There are so many other questions that I could ask, but until next time, we’ll just have to keep wondering.

4 thoughts on “Thought Train: Rinne no Lagrange – Episode 15 to 17

  1. I’m still thinking the show is trolling us about ‘evil’ and ‘villains’. I really don’t think Dizelmine is evil and malicious. I attributed his smirk at the end to his feeling of triumph that he now has the ability to deal with the threat to the polyhedron. Now, I could be wrong, we’ll see. But the show has set up other characters as ‘evil’ in the past, and they have turned out to not be so: Array, Izo, and Kirius, Villagiulio, even Asteria. I’ll really be surprised if the show now decides that “yes, THIS guy is evil.”

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