Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 18

The snow is finally starting to melt in the Okinawan sun… 

I assume for many of you fanboys out there the fact you get twenty three minutes of unadulterated Kuroyuki is a celebration in itself. For me, I am a bit lukewarm on her return to the main stage. In her time away on vacation I have come realize what a great foil she is for Haruyuki. She has been a cornerstone of his stability for the greater part of this show. With her gone, he has been floundering a bit, using other cast mates as crutches. At least she’s a pretty crutch.

The relationship between Kuroyuki and Megumi is finally unravelled. There is a bit of yuri interaction bouncing between them but nothing too explicit. But our Black Snow Queen proves to be the Emo Midas. Anything she touches will become depressed and insecure. Since the two never really had any development before this outing it feels a bit hollow. Considering her place in the main story, I know she’ll be discarded rather quickly for boy toy Haru.

For now all she is a vehicle to display the leading ladies growth as a character. The cold and calculating matriarch of the Accelerated World, through her relationship with Haru has become more of a motherly figure. While this shade of depth was desperately needed to color in some of her personality, she still feels a bit flat. No pun intended. The fact still remains that she can’t carry Accel World all on her own.

After last weeks cliffhanger, how could they leave us hanging… I understand that Kuroyuki is an important character, but all the tension that was building for the past few weeks was just thrown out the window. I don’t know if ruining the pacing of the rest of series was worth this little escapade to Okinawa.

The new character’s we’ve met aren’t all that memorable and are drawn from typical anime tropes. Considering how the outing was paced it looks like we’ll be stranded out here for at least two more episodes. By then will anyone really feel or even remember the shock of the last? Let’s hope so.

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