Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 6

Oh Erica… why are you so enticing with your golden locks? Watching her in action week in and week out almost redeems this show. Almost. This episode she carries the brunt of the stunt work in the fights that take place. Godou in combat is a bit boring as most of the time he just stands there waiting for his Authorities to activate. Sure he might be overpowered but it’s not as entertaining as seing Erica dance about the screen, expertly using her rapier.

The characters still feel a bit hollow. Godou, Erica, and Mika don’t really show much depth. While I understand that this is primarily an action anime and I should be content with hot girls and blistering action, it really isn’t enough. The plot isn’t competently pieced together, often feeling a collage made my a dyslexic child. There is no general focus in the direction of the story which a shame considering the elements of epic mythology spun into the premise of the story.

The new villian, who has the powers of Osiris, is pretty nasty but hasn’t really been built up. All we hear about is the cruel acts he committed but nothing is actually accomplished on screen. For now he’s all bark and no bite regardless of his ability to turn into a werewolf. The same goes for Salvatore, Godou’s supposed rival. Their relationship in the show has been boiled down to a single phone call. When analyzing our tentative villains it becomes apparent that the show is fighting for some breathing room. It should have not been made in a single cour. We still have another female to be introduced and I think she’ll probably recieve the anemic character development of her peers.

I really don’t want to dislike this series, which I was rooting for from the first episode. But around this midseason mark all I can feel is contempt that such a cool concept is was brought down by the unpolished elements surrounding it.

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