Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 6

You mean there’s actually a story?

The series got some much needed story this week, since after the sudden appearance of the reconstituted Gram within Ryousuke, everyone tries to figure out just how an obvious loser like him can now be in possession of the legendary sword entrusted to two houses of Grimwald, when the other half has been missing. Bringing Ryousuke’s mother into the conversation, they find out that in an (almost) exact parallel of Lisara and Ryousuke’s meeting, Ryousuke’s mother met his father standing in the rain outside the house, and invited him in (although the elder Ryousuke had better success on the getting lucky front than his eventual son).

This episode did a good job breaking the repetitive mold of the episodes up to this point. Even though the first half was primarily talking, I found the interplay between characters funny and engaging enough. The introductions to Ryousuke’s mom went about as you’d expect, and of course we find out about his story. Is it original? Not really. Is it great storytelling? Again, not really. But it was enough to add a story for the show to follow moving forward. Also different this episode was the monster faced by Lisara and Quele. Instead of the same leggy tentacle monster, this one exploded hydra-style and drained energy from the heroines. And again, Ryousuke saves the day, but not after realizing his limits and being warned again about damage to his soul from over-recharging.

Bad (in a good way) comes in the form of the series bad guy, finally. Rather than transient enemies and rivals, we finally see the unveiling of Galderbroug, whose family used to have the pointy part of Gram, and who is apparently determined to take over the realm of Grimwald. After finding out that Ryousuke now possesses both parts of Gram, he decides to go pick a fight with Lisara and Ryousuke, and takes Mina hostage in the process.

Bad (in a bad way) this week was Quele’s pretty lame attempts to try to win Ryousuke. Also, why is Mina helping her? Mina’s got to have feelings for him, heck, she’s put up with him for years, there must be some reason why. Does Quele have that much influence over her with the contract? It doesn’t seem like Lisara has the same brainwashing with Ryousuke, but then we already know that Quele isn’t above using her Reaper powers to bend people to her petty wishes. Unfortunately for her (and Iria and Mina), Lisara and Ryousuke look like OTP, especially as Lisara continues to reevaluate her feelings for him.

The ugly mentioned last week was avoided this week with some actual plot development. We’ll hope that Boku H can keep at least a thin veneer of story moving forward and not fall into the repetitive recycling that it had suffered in episodes 2 through 4.  And definitely NOT ugly are the lovely ladies in the show.

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