Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 6

Sword Art Online continues this week with its murder mystery. It might be the in thing to do since Hyouka made it so cool to have mysteries right? So lets see what the Twitterverse had to say about this weeks outing.

@Duriel : Just completed dinner quest. I need to catch up on #SAO and #Nobuna later tonight.

This person also received about a levels worth of experience, spent about 9 dollars, and recieved the status ailment the ‘itis’. 

@thatredsky : Oh, cool. Nice trick. Also, psychotic love ftw. #SAO

Wouldn’t you kill your wife if she changed! I mean come on there is no proof that if you die in #SAO that you die in real life! Show me one good source that’s not wikipedia that proves this!

@kousakakiririn : YOLO = You only live online. #SAO

That would make Drake happy. But I am sure most bloggers live by this credo as well. Nerds as well… I only live online.. forever. Tis a sad thing. I wonder how the sun looks like. 

@VIVIT_r : #SAO #Spoilers Snape kills Dumbledore

That’s because Dumbledore is the final boss and Kirito is the alternate name for Snape. I am pretty sure Sword Art Online is based on Harry Potter. The similarities are endless. 

@chinguchanggu : If you love someone, you love every aspect of them. So if a new side of them surfaces, don’t you fall in love with them all over again? #SAO

I really don’t know how to answer that question. What if you find out that they’re a pedophile? Could you love a pedophile? 

‏@Astrojordz : For all my Anime fans out there make sure you’re all watching ‘SwordArt online’ f**king EPIC!

So Sword Art Online is fucking someone named Epic? That is quite awesome! Though I wonder who epic is… I wonder if they are using protection. It would probably be a good idea. 

@humohu :リズ回1話、ユイ回1話で8話、アインクラッド攻略編を何話でやるんだ… #SAO

Google Translate: Liz eight times a talk talk, talk in a time Yui, … # SAO what I do in the story capture the hen clad Ain

I have no clue what that means… Who the hell is Yui? Did I miss a character or something. I think Ain… must be Aincrad. Hen clad sounds like risque clothing. 

I’m enjoying the setup for Sword Art Online so far. For those that haven’t read the light novels, it gives them great insight into the characters before the story really gets goings. Fans that have already been initiated get to see the story chronologically for the first time considering the side stories were separated from the main volume. I am glad that the series producers are taking a thoughtful approach to the format the material is presented in. This series has a vibrant world, and the slow pacing lets us take in the sights and sounds at a leisurely pace.

While the mystery itself is generated by a manipulation of game mechanics we weren’t exposed to, the arc served its purpose. It was never meant to be a who-done-it that the audience takes pleasure in solving themselves before the characters. Aincrad is an oppressive world to its denizens on a mental level. Being trapped in an alternate realms with different rules than the real world can have some severe psychological effects. The script doesn’t go overboard, but gives us enough of a taste at to the travesties that occur in this environment. World building is a must for epic Anime such as this. Sword Art Online continues to stay in great form as the midseason rolls around.

One thought on “Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 6

  1. The mystery itself was pretty entertaining. Although, I question the mentality of the husband and his fellow colleagues who was ushered off into the wilderness after learning that he killed his wife for being “different” from her usual personality. The show reminds me of .Hack, and I hope that I’m not the only one.

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